Hamilton @ Calgary GDT

Zach as well. Interesting, but I can see it getting old pretty quickly.

And I don't mind Cabbie. Not a huge fan, but he's OK.

It may be kinda awkward and gimmicky. Didn't the XFL experiment with this? And I don't think it worked for them.

Zach back after Masoli gets FD.

"Green Bay 82" did not work well for us after that.

Crap. Sure saw that punt block coming. How did that happen?

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Hi all

Ohh no block punt

  1. Who got beat by Hughes?
  2. Who let the guy go untouched to Maher?

Ugh. Bad snap to Maher upset the timing. Plus that guy was in really quickly. Someone miss his assignment?

Have to say that so far I've heard virtually nothing much from the live mike - players are used to speaking the plays quickly and it's hard I imagine for most fans to catch.

Maher's punt is blocked but it looked to me that there should have been a contact penalty on him. Horses in excellent FP :frowning:

BG :frowning:

I had no idea how they were going to go about implementing it into the broadcast but I didn't think they'd constantly have it on, just seems awkward and honestly coaches are going to have a cow that other teams right now are listening to plays, watching for signals, watching the play unfold, for casual fans it won't be easy to dissect it all but it sure would be for a coach or scout.

Also it was the Arena Football League that does this, they still do last time I seen a game which was few years back.

I'm thinking it must've been a missed assignment.

Can D limit them to just FG here?

I'm no fan of the mic, can do without lol

No pressure at all. Come on defense

Nice tackle Simoni

Www so close to a pick

Contacting the Punter isn't called if the punt is blocked (i.e. doesn't cross the line of scrimmage).

Whew. Held to only three after the turnover.

3 0

I will take that after the block. :rockin:

They only get three, good job by the D

Well, I can see why coaches may have a problem with this. Other teams will be going over film of this one, I think.

And while this is interesting, I don't think the league needs this gimmick.

D does limit them to FG with some pressure on BLM. 3-0 CGY.

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speedy dragin a few there

The perfect way to not worry about the mic is to swear every other word... lol


Good catch by TT there...