Hamilton @ Calgary GDT

Let's get this started. Tonight will be a chance for the Ticats to show that they are the real deal. They need to play a full 60 minutes and be sharp on all three phases of the game. I believe they are up to the task but they need to bring their A game. Looking forward to a close hard fought game.

Cool night for Calgary, but the wind is fairly still (10-15 kph) and what seems like low chance of precipitation.
A decent game time for the Eastern team, making the Westerners want dinner about half time.
No question, this will be challenging, but with tat bit of extra rest, and our coaching staff, my hopes are bright that we take this one out from them, stay healthy, and move on!

:rockin: what is it ? Since 2004 we haven't been able to beat the Horse at its own stomping grounds well time is up ! WE CAN DO IT , WE WILL DO IT ,WE ARE THE NEW SHERIFF in TOWN ! LETS GO CATS !

ZACK ATTACK :rockin: :cowboy:

Nothing, this year, has given me any reason to expect a Cats' victory tonight, or even a close game. But, this is the CFL!
Go Cats Go!!

This is a great opportunity for the Cats to show the fans that this team is moving in the right direction with a win tonight in taking on the Stamps in Calgary and top team in the league.

Also an opportunity to take over first place in the East Division before the upcoming Labour Day Game against the Arblows.


BIGCAT, we only need to remind ourselves of winning the game we are playing.

Yes, the next two Argo games might get amusing, but they don’t really matter much if we don’t have our best effort in hand tonight, and beat the streaking, leading team, and show who holds the “whip hand” when it comes to winning games, and putting points in the Win column.
If we hand the Stamps a spanking, is there any doubt that we can’t go on a tearaway win streak (given our guys stay healthy!) for the next several weeks, and show the League the Team we are capable of being?

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#Ticats will be in their white jerseys and white pants while the #CalStampeders will be wearing red jerseys and black pants. #CFL

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Referee for tonight's #Ticats game vs. the #CalStampeders is Kim Murphy. #CFL #CFLGameDay

I just hope the game is not decided by a blown call by the Zebras

I'm more worried about a blown call by the invisible zebra - the guy in the Command Centre. A lot of suspect calls have come from there over the years.

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#Ticats scratches vs. #CalStampeders: RB Mercer Timmis, DT Linden Gaydosh. #CFL #CFLGameDay

I'm willing to trust the zebras...I've done that before, and its very, terribly hard to see and call (or not call) any particular action.

Lets just see our guys go out and give it 100% for 60 minutes. We can't ask any more than that.

TSN, I'm begging you....do NOT give this Cabbie dumbass more air time.

Speedy B will be thinking about avenging that play that cost us the Grey Cup a while back.

Look for us to win via special teams tonight.

Come Cabbie is the man! Lol he is ridiculously popular with my generation but I can see how he would get on some peoples nerves, he is unorthodox to say the least but I feel like he always gets the side of guys that other journalist/reporters can't get.

Anyways real reason I wanted to post was just to say Oskee Wee Wee! Lets go Cats, just hoping for a competitive game that possibly we can end up on the winning end of for once against the Stamps.

No surprises there. Timmis would have been out there on special teams and only would have been used at RB if the game got out of reach for one team. I'm sure he would've like to have gained some rushing yards in that building where he got many rushing yards in the CIS, but..

This team has a long losing streak against Calgary, and some of those most recent losses have been close heartbreaking ones, including the 2014 Grey Cup game. But it would be great to see this Ticat team get the win and end that streak, making it look like this team can beat any other team in this league.

Kickoff coming up.

Game on.

CGY starts by their 20.

BLM spoke too quickly for me to understand anything he said there.

Nice tackle by Simoni to make it so that ended with 2 and out. Yeah, SL and the D may have done their homework there.

Looks like the D gets tested first. Hope they can get them off the field quickly and as I type it's a 2 and out! :thup: :thup:

This live mic is already annoying as hell...can't believe they're just straight up listening to their plays, coaches are not going to like this at all. You can tell the commentators are trying to wait and listen to see if QBs are going to talk and it just seems awkward as hell.

Surprised Zach did not say "Got all that?" after he himself said a lot very quickly. :slight_smile: