Hamilton @ Calgary Friday Night

Well Cat fans the regular season of the CFL is back, first game of the 2015 season coming up Friday night at 9:00pm in Calgary on TSN what do Cat fans think of this game and the upcoming season ahead?

Chris Schultz of TSN is back with his weekly picks and not surprising he has picked Calgary to win over the Cats, he thinks the ex-Grey Cup champs will prevail.

I say Hamilton 28 to 21 Go Cats Go!!

Hey Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers out there.

Chris Schultz TSN Week One
Hamilton at Calgary

The best game of Week One. You can make an easy argument for both teams but I think the Stampeders will prevail. They are coming in confident as defending Grey Cup Champions and should be, but I do not think they underestimate Hamilton at all. Right now, even with the injuries, I look at the Ticats as a better team than the one that lost the 102nd Grey Cup. In both exhibition games, Hamilton played well and are improved at receiver and quarterback as Zach Collaros is in year number two of Kent Austin’s offense. Watch out for Brandon Banks. His elusiveness when watching him in person is amazing but – and yes, there is a but - Bo Levi Mitchell should be well prepared and if Calgary can control a good Ticats front seven down field, plays should be made. And Mitchell has a great down field arm. This one will be close but I’ll take Calgary in the 4th to pull away.
Calgary over Hamilton

I feel like Hamilton will make a statement in week 1 and lay a beating on Calgary.

. I wish I felt as confident that the 'Cats will lay a beating on them. I do think that they will win with Speedy Banks returning a go ahead touchdown with under a minute to go. Then again they may avoid kicking it anywhere near Banks at that point in the game if the outcome is still in doubt. I'll say 'Cats 20-15 in a real nail biter. But I think the statement will be made never the less and the league will be put on notice. When was the last time we started the season with a win?

All I know for sure is I have the day off work, Calgary is a 2 hour motorcycle ride away, I have tickets to the game and a hotel reservation within walking distance of McMahon Stadium.

Very sweet.

Revenge :twisted: :thup: :rockin: Zack Attack !

I'm heading to the game too Oskie! When I saw the schedule I knew I couldn't wait until August so I arranged my business travel to get me to the right place at the right time. I'm sitting on the tarmac at Pearson waiting to take off for Vancouver as I write this and then I make the short flight to Calgary on Wednesday. I've got tickets for myself and my Ticat fan niece that lives in Calgary and my black & gold #21 jersey in my carry on.

As an added bonus, yesterday I bought tickets for me and my Dad to see the July 16th game in Montreal!

Oskee Wee Wee!!

Oh... And I've got the Cats winning on Friday night!!

Looking at Schutlz’s predictions, there are some humorous comments, I like the first one… :lol:
You can’t beat the guys logic.

Mtl has Caitlyn Jenner for a QB, Ottawa wins, Hamilton will get destroyed by Cgy, because Ham never beats Cgy early in the season, esks win, because who cares about Toronto, even Toronto doesn't care, and Saskabush will win , because they have nothing better to do in Sask except watch football and salute Gainer the rodent.
[url=http://www.tsn.ca/risky-business-week-1-in-the-cfl-1.314185]http://www.tsn.ca/risky-business-week-1 ... l-1.314185[/url]

I'm not sure how others will interpret slimjim's post, but note that the attempts at humor he's referring to are from the "comments section" below Schultz's column and aren't comments made by Schultz himself.

Sounds like you have a great evening planned for yourself. Have fun!!!

Some roster changes today

Ray Holley is in!!! :thup:

HAMILTON, ONT. – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced a series of transactions today.

[b]The following player has been added to the 46-man roster:
INT – RB – Ray Holley

The following player has been added to the practice roster:
INT – DE – Sam Scott

The following player has been added to the six-game injured list:
INT – DE – Eric Norwood[/b]

Bad luck for Norwood, but an opportunity for Scott

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost now1 minute ago
#TIcats add DE Eric Norwood to the 6 game injured list. Was hurt in household accident last night. #CFL

I think we win as well, if we can field a team that is. they might need to start pullin in Message board posters to suit up lol

Glad to see Ray Holley on the active list hope he gets some playing time. I like what this guy brings to the team in his abilities and enthusiasm, we're pulling for you Ray and the Tiger-Cats team in Calgary!!


I will be "out of pocket" for the next two weeks so I won't be able to watch the first two games of the TiCats, however for the Team and all you Fans ---GO_CATS_GO!

That's great TC. If you are looking for a place to stay in Cow Town, Motel village is across the pedway from McMahon. There is something like 9 motels in the village. No 5 or 4 star hotels, but some decent motels. Also some crappy ones.

I am headed to Calgary on Friday but driving so of course wont even be out of Ontario <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( --> <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> (probably in Wawa visiting my spouses cousin Friday night) Not sure if Ill even see the game or if my daughter in Calgary can PVR the game. <!-- s:cry: -->:cry:<!-- s:cry: --> However when I get to Calgary there will be a icats car flag waiting for me (my daughter found it in a dollar store but not a Stamps car flag!) <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D --> Should the Ticats win will try to convince my spouse to drive around Calgary with the flag on our vehicle for a few days! Wish we could have planned to be there to attend the game but didnt work out that way.

Should be a great time in Calgary Friday night, can't wait for the opening game of the season and see this years version of the Tiger-Cats.


Stamps are 7 pt. favourites.
But, that's according to the same website (bodog) that gave all Western Division teams, other than WPG, better odds than the Tiger-Cats on winning the '15 Grey Cup. I certainly agree with these rankings, from closer to home, a lot more than bodog's predictions for the season:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/nissan-titan-power-rankings-stamps-start-out-on-top]http://www.cfl.ca/article/nissan-titan- ... out-on-top[/url]

Nothing wrong with the predictions and with the Ticats on the road and with the key injuries, I think the Stamps will take this one.