Hamilton @ British Columbia - 22 Sept. 2018

So Jonathan Jennings will get his first start for the Lions since game four. Whether he can take advantage of the opportunity and deliver is the question. Whether Devier Posey can be an adequate replacement for Emmanuel Arceneaux is another question that remains to be answered.

On the visitors’ side of the ball, Jeremiah Masoli will try to bounce back from a subpar outing last week, but will continue to be hampered by a depleted backfield corps. While Brandon Banks is still pencilled in on the depth chart as a starter for the game early this afternoon, there’s considerable doubt as to whether he’s 100% fit and ready to play. And with Jalen Saunders still out, we may still see Chad Owens suit up before the end of the month, though not today. Moreover with Alex Green on the injured list, John White IV will get another opportunity to prove that he’s still got what it takes to be a starting RB in the CFL.


So evidently Brandon Banks didn’t take the flight to Vancouver yesterday with the rest of the team but Coach June Jones nonetheless elected to keep Banks as a starter on the Tiger-Cats depth chart because Banks would be “a game time decision”. Now to me it would seem strange to elect to insert a player into the starting lineup when said player is sipping a beer in front of his TV set a half a continent away but I’ll defer to Coach Jones’ superior understanding of the Xs and Os of the game in this regard.


Who are we getting tonight? Will the real Jonathon Jennings please stand up.

…please stand up

…please stand up

…please stand up

I see what you’ve done there :smiley:

To early to say but early completions look good.

51 yarder Mr. Lonnnng.

Always a flag with BC, whenever something good happens. Very frustrating. 92 yards in Ps early in the 2nd.

Masoli looking iffy, tonight.

BC always has an advantage with the 10 pm start. :frowning:

Ti-Cats spring even further ahead with 2nd TD.

That Don’t Lose Your Cool commerical needs to go. :frowning:

Late in the 4th as the Lions continue to fly all the wrong flags.

Damn lonely thread tonight.

Leos finally ahead with 1 point! just over 2M’s to go… and TD ticats. Damn, Damn, Dammit!! Wide open receiver!!

Masoli Looks good with the weapons and ammunition running out .

Clearly IN for the 2 pnt con

Going to OT.

Jones conservative play calling costs them to go to OT . FG was the way to go .

Ya, that was a bonehead call

Hell Yeaaaahhhh!!! I just aged 61 years ;D

Well, that sucks. :frowning: