Hamilton bidding For 2030 Commonwealth Games?

Apparently, the City of Hamilton is looking into the possibility of hosting the 2030 version of the Commonwealth Games.

It would mark the 100th year anniversary of the last time Hamilton hosted the games. Those games brought the city Civic Stadium which was later renamed Ivor Wynne thathosted the Ticats for many, manyseasons.

There's a good chance that these games would bring about improvements to Tim Hortons Field

Wouldbe interesting to see if this would be something that fans of the Ticats would support.

Maybe we can get a new stadium?

Any thoughts on where we should put it?


West Harbour?......... :o

Maybe we can host the 2031 Grey Cup.

Still too soon, I'm afraid

The LRT probably won't be complete by then...

And give up the lovely stadium precinct we have now .where would l buy a mattress,get my check cashed and go to the dollar store.

Lol. I think the mattress store closed down.

And do it all on your lunch break . ;D

Theres time. Lunch is a timbit and a coffee

From the Spec this morning

Councillors vote against letter for 2030 games bid

[justify]The city is poised to pull the plug on a prospective centennial Commonwealth Games bid even before seeing what it would cost.[/justify]

[justify]Councillors on Wednesday narrowly voted against a staff suggestion to send a “non-binding? letter of interest in hosting the 100th anniversary of the international games, which were first held in Hamilton as the British Empire Games in 1930.[/justify]

[justify]City staff had proposed studying the costs and benefits of hosting the event — which typically costs about $1 billion shared by various levels of government — and reporting back to council with hard numbers next year.[/justify]

[justify]Councillors voted 7-6 against the study. But the final decision remains up in the air because three council members were missing for Wednesday’s vote — including mayor and games supporter Fred Eisenberger.[/justify]

[justify]Opposition to the games was led by Coun. Sam Merulla, who repeatedly invoked memories of the Pan Am Games in 2015 and the “stadium fiasco? in urging colleagues to avoid the “distraction? of another major Games bid.[/justify]

[justify]Merulla argued the city must focus on priorities like paying to fix crumbling infrastructure.[/justify]

[justify]Coun. Terry Whitehead, on the other hand, argued the games could be a way to leverage needed infrastructure funding from the provincial and federal governments.[/justify]

[justify]“This is about transportation and housing (funding),? he said.[/justify]

[justify]Whitehead urged council to at least study the issue before making a decision. “We’re just asking for the facts.?[/justify]

[justify]Council will vote next Wednesday on whether to ratify the decision.[/justify]

I don't know how anyone on council thinks this is a good idea. Look how much debt the Pan-Am games (a smaller version of the Commonwealth Games, who are in turn a smaller version of the Olympics) left Toronto with, and our city in a budget crunch wants to go barking up that tree.

I'm of the opinion, that you first prove that you can host a major event like a Memorial or Grey Cup without a hitch before you try handling a fish that big.

That sounds exciting. Good thing that area was chosen. I think there used to be a sub shop within walking distance but I think that closed down too.

West Harbour?
Yup good idea I hear there is a vacant spot in the West Harbour now that a Restaurant has been closed down for making too much noise! Sure let's put a stadium there....instead of the Announcer screaming to the fans....."Make Some Noise".....he can quietly say....ssshhh please keep it down.

And by 2030 people may be using the West Harbour GO

Apparently noise is not an issue for supercrawl.i wonder how long before the neighbourhood shuts that down because of noise.hamilton is becoming the nfc

I must have missed something?? I haven't made it to Tim Horton field yet but I thought it was a new stadium...I am planning to get there next year...is there something I need to know before hand?

yes Tim Horton field is a new stadium

It's all part of the ashes and sack cloth penitence in Hamilton. First we gave up on God's great gift in Calvillo and then we built the stadium in the wrong (because no one could agree on the right) place.

Kinda like if only Abraham Lincoln had decided to go to the matinee that fateful day. :wink: