Hamilton- best team in the CFL!

After last night's performance it is very clear who the best team in the CFL is. The Hamilton Tiger-Cat Dance Team was awesome once again! These ladies are beautiful, they can dance and they aren't even affected by wearing pleather in 100 degree plus weather. At this point I think Lesley Stewart should be considered for GM.

You are doing an awesome job ladies- keep up the great work!

Right on, brother! I completely agree. Over the past two seasons the Dance Team has been the most consistent and entertaining aspect of this organization. I can only imagine how many hours of hard work must go into preparing such professional and exciting presentations each week. Every game those ladies are working harder than just about everybody else in the stadium. The last time I danced that much in a full-length pleather cat suit I nearly passed out (and was actually arrested in the House of Commons, but that's another story). Lesley Stewart is surely one of the shining jewels of this city and should be commended for all that she has done, not only for the Cats but the city of Hamilton at large. Keep up the great work!