Hamilton being called Beasts from the East again!

Was just on the Calgary site were they are calling Hamilton the hottest team in the CFL outscoring their opponents 107-16, in the past 3 games, or something like that. They then go on to call Hamilton the beasts from the East. Sounds like a lot of hype, lets hope our Cats prove them right!


I hope they're right.
Let's make it so the outscored our opponents 150-17 in the last 4 games :lol:

When the Cats are the Eastern Finalist, then they can call them that. But the game-to-game consistency isnt quite there yet.

Still, it is flattering.


stop bein so skeptical EATMRAW no were not champs YET but thinks look beeter then they have

Liking the sound of that! :thup:

thanks earl weve been to many cloudy dark years to not soak up a little sun

I got a kick out of Stevie Baggs, (no pun intended), when he said no teams want to play here, they call it the "black hole".
It's really the black and gold hole, but the meaning is clear!! It's great to see that attitude again.

Maybe those Western teams are finally paying attention to the BEASTS FROM THE EAST! :rockin:

I'm thinkin' it's a little premature if this horrendous effort in Calgary is any indication!!!

Watching where you step is usually a good thing. At least it is for THEM in Calgary tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,


It's 41-17 for the Stamps, just before the start of the 4th quarter as I'm typing this.

We have to wonder what happened. Did several players and coaches on this team decide they could mail this one in after hearing about what happened in Toronto just prior to the opening kickoff? Did the team get cocky after looking very impressive in the three games before this one? That ties into the title of this thread.

Maybe this wakeup call was needed. This game might have been "meaningless" and we saw how the Als played in a game they did not need to win. But the Als improved the next week, leading to the game being meaningless for us. And I hope to see this team look much sharper against BC next week.

Well that game was humbling wasn't it.
Seriously, Hamilton wasn't going to show Calgary anything tonight. They will keep their game tucked close to their vest until they get by Montreal. First we need to beat BC next wk and then Toronto in Hamilton the following wk.
Lets support them and show we believe in our team.
Second, what is with #48 the head ref. tonight. Does he and his crue not know what pass intereference is.
Hinds brushs with a guy, automatic interference call.
Calgary holds a guy several times, nothing.
Calgary holds a half dozen times in the first half, especially their front o-line, again nothing. Many of these plays led to points for the Stamps.
This is the same ref. that let Calgary steal the game against Hamilton 23-22 in the last minutes of the game in Hamilton this past summer.
In my opinion he is officially the worst head ref in the league. This guy makes Jake Ireland look like a ticat fan.
Was nice to see Trafalis work the ball for a quarter. Seems like a smart young man, that pitch to Thiggy showed a lot of composure on third and 5. I know they didn't get it, suspisious spotting by the ref. No matter, it showed the kid can think under pressure.
Hope Shivers is ready for action next wk. were gonna need him back if we plan on doing anything.


"Beasts of the East" technically we are the only beast in the east, even during losing seasons.
The Argonauts are not named after an animal, the als are named after a bird, the Bombers after an airplane, you couldn't possibly call any of the other teams "Beasts"

Ok, beast last week, little mousy critter this week. Next week we have to get hungry again and gear up for the playoffs.

The usual media bull crap. Hamilton is not by any strecth of the imagination the Beasts of the East. Unispired - undisciplined football with no competent repalcements leads to disaster. The mindset had better change real fast otherwise we will loose the Eastern Semi Final ..................... As much as I hate the As%$ H)(*& - they look more inspired and prepared to play than our Tiger Cats. What exactly is Marcel and the braintrust thinking? Last night was a very poorly prepared unispired bunch who should have mailed Calgary the two points.

This quote truly amazes me. Your joking, right? In a game where we traveled across two timezones, were missing our star player and had nothing to play for is the demise of our season? I think if anyone needs to give their head a shake its you. It was one bad week of football, but it was a road loss and they happen. Calgary is a good team, especially when you are playing them at home and at 10 o'clock at night. The Argos played a close inspired game at home because they needed to. It's much easier to get yourself inspired to play when your at home and you have something to play for like the argos did last night. I have no doubt the coaches will get it together in time for the playoffs and we will have all of our important pieces back in place.

Chris: I am even more amazed by your response.Wildcats is 100 percent right.
Whether it was the news at game time that this team was in second place...or whether they didn't like the cheeseburgers...who cares. It was a waste of the air fares and a dismal performance especially on the part of the coaching staff. Lousy use of players on offence. Bruce was out...so where was Matt Kirk? This was a perfect game to get him some more playing time. Baumann? Cobb needed more carries. Glenn was bad. Porter should be on his way back to the USA by now. We have all known that for a long time, yet this team continues to keep him as a backup.
Calgary outplayed us by a mile. They don't have to worry about the playoffs either but it did not stop them scoring 55 points.
Looking for excuses as you have done does no service to this team. We stank the place out starting with Gibson's offensive plan.....if he had one. No attempt at surprising Calgary at all. Contrast our plays with Calgary's.
Obie needs to take Marcel and Gibson aside and ream the pair of them out for such a lousy performance. Why Marcel goes along with this offence is beyond me. We have the players. But it seems the coaches can't motivate them or use their talents properly. Winning teams don't have these problems.
The only benefits I saw from this game were that Thigpen never gives up and Tafralis has more potential as a back-up than Porter. And it was good to see Jesse back and pounding the defence as usual. Too bad it was our defence though.

Apologies...had to edit the first response but time ran out.

When you compete as a professional, you show up whenever and wherever called upon. Home, road, neutral site game, whatever! I can see a competitive road loss coming off the Montreal blowout, but that?

Bad games happen. Clueless bad games on a semi-regular basis? Not acceptable. I saw Bo Smith line TEN yards off Nik Lewis early in the first quarter and I knew we were in long-night mode.

On November 15, 1981, I sat at IWS and witnessed with 30,000 other rabid Ticat fans a last minute 108-yard catch and run by Ottawa's lead-footed Pat Stoqua that ended the Frank Kush-led 11-4-1 Tiger-Cats' season in the East final for that year. That was a 5-11 team beating arguably the best non-Cup winning Hamilton squad ever. So I have a bit of skepticism whenever I hear the "turn it back on like a tap" mentality when it comes to the playoffs.

It does not work in football as it does in other team sports where you have multiple-game series to recover from sixty minutes of crapping one's collective bed.

Oski Wee Wee,