Hamilton @ BC

Man, I can't believe the East is a combined 5-17. If BC wins, they'll be 5-18. That is...so beyond sad. :lol:

KG feeling it tonight, even running with authority.

Who was it criticizing Lefevour? That was one hell of a throw to get Hamilton to the 5!

This is like a replay of last nights game, pretty much all of the penalties are on the Cats.

And all of a sudden we have a game!

That was a phenomenal move by Banks, broke a few ankles on that one. 17-13 BC now.

What is it with Hamilton and finding good return guys? Thigpen, Chris Williams, and now Banks.

They are really cracking down on the illegal contact this year. That last play had no impact whatsoever on the play, in fact Glenn was probably sacked before the penalty occurred.

Another typical Ti-Cats game against the west. Other than our opening stinker in Regina, very competitive in Edmonton, in Calgary and at home against the Bombers. Can we please win this one!

Cats gotta stop getting field goals...Now would be a good time

Lefevour starting to put things together and gain confidence. If he keeps improving it will be hard to bench him for Collaros whenever he gets healthy.

Hamilton needs to put a few majors on the board and they'd be up by more than 2.

What I’ve been saying.

No it won’t

DL is doing what a good back up is supposed to do, minimize the damage until the A guy comes back, we may not have a lot of wins, but we are in every game now, and that just builds confidence for the team until Collaros comes back

:cowboy: This one was headed for a blowout but I forgot it was the B.C. Pussycats with the early lead. Now trailing by two at the half after leading by 16-3. Only in B.C.!! :oops: :oops: :oops:

With Harris limping the Leos are in trouble even against a sad sack Ti-Cat team. How many 1st downs did they get in the first half?? Shut the roof B.C. Place staff, this may get embarassing and you don't want the rest of the city / province to find out. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

CFL Rules

Other than game 1 I've been impressed with the Ticats D, they've really made big strides from last year.

Problem is, they seem to need some warm up each game to get in gear, most games it takes a half…they do not put it together right away

So... about those sacks.

John Chick - 9
Entire Hamilton Team - 8

Maybe it's just me but you don't get many more obvious holding calls than that one they just let go. Ticats probably decline it anyways but should still be called when it's that bad and is preventing a sack.

Sam Giguere is wide open all game it seems, great game by him.

What in the hell is wrong with the Ticats once they get within the 30 yard line? They are world beaters between the 30's tonight.