Hamilton @ BC (late) Friday night

It seems the Ti-Cats owner is not too pleased with the Ti-Cats schedule this week - playing in Montreal on Sunday and then having to play a 10PM game Friday night. In reply to somebody’s comment on the Cats board our ‘Caretaker’ wrote.

And you are right to focus on the 4 days rest thing. Only 4 days rest and then having to play at 10pm at night (Eastern time) gives the Lions a significant advantage.
I'm glad we've got an owner that sticks up for his team. (If only the Argos had one.)

Well, I for one will still be recording the game so I can watch later if the Lions manage to pull through with a win. It has been incredibly painful to be a Lions fan lately.

Travel, the Argos might use this botch of a year with the RC not available and Rogers fooling around withe them as motivation to win the Grey Cup. If they beat the TiCats on the road to the GC, well then Braley and Co. have done their job some might say. Mind you, makes it difficult on Larry T and Bell next year. :wink:

A lot of East teams have had some bad scheduled games this year. Ottawa with only 4 days rest and - 3 games in 10 days a couple of weeks ago, that had to be the worst. The Argos with a bad away schedule too. They've all had to cope with it this year.
Some fans like to post about it because it gives a heads up that if their teams lose it's not really the players fault.
If they win it's "our team is tough they can win even while playing 5 days later" if they lose it will be "the schedule killed us"
"if only we had 7 days rest and an earlier start"............... :roll: :roll:
These guys can cope with it they are professionals.

As for a 10PM start, I will probably PVR it and watch it in the morning

This will be tough for the Cats.

They are playing from 7 - 10 pm PST. While the body is telling them they are playing from 10 pm - 1 am EST.

Not making an excuse , but that is why East teams have it tough on the coast.

The again they are playing the 2015 Lions. I am sure they will find a way to tank.

To bad when it happens in front of their home fans though.

Ticats flying out to BC Wednesday night will give them a bit more time to adjust to the time change and hopefully feel more rested before game time.

I do feel that 7 pm Pacific game times vs Eastern opponents do give the Lions more of an advantage. It would be nice to see at least some of these games scheduled for afternoon . Not all eastern teams can, or will want to fly out two days before game time.

Not much can be done about our 7:00pm start times I'm afraid. If it's any consolation, we have had our share of afternoon home games this year. It is what it is, and has been this way since 1954. Take solace in the fact that it's "only" 7:00pm. Through to the 1970s, it was an 8:00pm local start time (11:00pm for Eastern teams)!

There's usually 1 or 2 games a year in which BC travels East and plays at 10:00am or 11:00am "body clock time." Also, when the Lions played in Hamilton this summer, it was hotter than an oven and soul-sappingly humid. They got their lunch handed to them (primarily because Hamilton's a better team) but they're also just not used to those conditions here in the Lower Mainland.

Sorry but there's nothing the Ticats can do about the hot, humid summer weather. :smiley: :wink:

Never thought this game would be 40-13 BC blow out over Hamilton.

Nor did any of the Ticats fans. Don't think that they've been blown out this badly since week 1 of 2014! - And you know who was responsible for that :slight_smile: .

Ticats generally play well enough in BC so that losses are at least close but this was definitely a beat down. Losing two OL players on an already depleted line certainly didn't help - not an excuse but it does make it harder to protect the QB and as one player just explained in a post game show, limited what the team could do with some plays.

BC was much hungrier for the win, especially after Montreal won in the earlier game potentially knocking the Lions out of the playoffs. Ticats never take opponents lightly, but certainly didn't play up to their usual standard.

Still in 1st place in the east and control their own destiny but will need a win against Ottawa next week for sure.

I need to give the Cats a break on this one.

They will not use it as an excuse, but I will.

That 3 hour time zone is just a killer.

For those who might question that. Try doing a full work out at mid night, when you would normally be asleep.

No it wasn't an excuse - the 3 hour time change wasn't a factor since they flew out two days before the game to get the body clocks in line. If they had done the usual fly in the day before yes you could say it may be a factor.

Really wish people would quit using time zone difference as a reason a team might lose. The teams in the east go to BC once a year for the 3 hour difference, BC goes east 4 times for the 3 hour difference. The east teams play all their east opponents in the same time zone, not so in the west.

No excuses here ,congrats to the Lions,you kicked our butts fair and square last night. It's been a long time since the Cats got spanked like that ,full marks to BC for a job well done and a victory well deserved. Just so everybody knows, the last time the Cats got thumped like this was the season opener last year against the Riders (31-10....-21) and ironically the last time that they gave up 40 pts in a game and were blown out before that was in the 2013 Grey Cup (45-23....-22).

Who could've predicted that both games last night would both end up as blowouts with point spreads of 32 pts (Mtl-Tor) and 27 pts (Ham-BC)respectfully. It looks like we may actually see a real dog fight between these Lions,Als and Bombers for that final playoff spot after all. It will be interesting to see if the Bombers can complete the trifecta of upsets to stay in the race for the playoffs when they face off against those surprising REDBLACKS later today.

Regardless Easy win for BC. Hamilton DOES NOT play well at BC home field.

However can Toronto and Hamilton recover next week after the beat down ??????????????

I don't know how you equate his comment with him not pleased but after turning the league turned the entire schedule upside down for him and his team the last two years he just has to deal with it. He's correct that it gives the Lions an advantage. Not sure he commented when his team benefited from the Argos scheduling problems :wink:

This would make a fun and interesting Grey Cup.

Both teams provided each other with an equal beat down.

To bad it took the Lions 18 weeks to figure out to keep the foot on the gas to finish.