Hamilton Backfeild

does anyone know if Jesse Lumsden is in the Hamilton training camp, also what is happening with Davis?... just want to know... GO LIOS

Let's say the Seattle Seahawks hire you as a free agent. Do your send them the signal you are not made for their league by taking part in a CFL training camp?

Lumsden won't move away from Seattle until he is told to do so.

how is he doing in Seattle, i heard he was writen down in 5th or 6th string running back

Jesse is about to head to his second Seattle mini camp this week. He will not be available to the Cats for at least the short term.

Davis is negotiating a contract extension. As of right now an agreement ha not been reached. Either way he will play this season, it’s just a matter of whether it’s his option or the first year of an extension. He is dedicated to the Cats and he wants to stay.

I’m not too happy about his agent going public with the negotiations and forcing Ron Lancaster to have to answer to the media about the negotiations.

I hope a deal can get done and if viable i’m sure it will.