Hamilton at Winnipeg GT, Thu July 2, 8 pm et TSN

Lets go defence

Very excited to see Tracy and Hickman on edges

SimLa with the sack!!!

Negated by the offside... ugh!!


Come on defence

Good pressure tracey

Trying to watch this on my computer from Calgary and wouldn't you know the TSN GO coverage has stalled!!! :twisted: Looks like this is my link to what will be going on until it resurfaces or I can get my daughter and son-in-law to switch the TV to the game!

Sack is good negated by a penalty is not. They need to get those penalties under control.

Let's GO D!!!!!

The parade of penalties continues!

this team has no killer instict

Cotton with the Bummer TD!

That was way too easy. Come on D!!

Booooooooooooooooooooooooo. Someone wanna tackle that guy :roll:

Terrible drive by the defense

Embarrassingly easy :oops:

Really TSN? "There's a penalty on the play. Now for a word or six from our sponsors." Will they even mention what it was for when they come back?

Hey tabbie, this is where I watch the game...for free:

Go to http://www.vipleague.sx/sports/american-football.html

Click on 20:30 hamilton-vs-winnipeg then click on one of the three "links" that show up

Down side is LOTS of pop-ups, but be patient and this is a REALLY reliable site.

Good luck

Ok Zack Attack. Your turn.

Sinkfield with the FD!

Buddy with the fd