Hamilton at Winnipeg GT, Thu July 2, 8 pm et TSN

Thursday Night Football
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Tonight at 8PM ET / 5PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The Cats will invade Winnipeg to try and even up their record at 1-1, while Peg goes for its second win. After last week's game, it is crucial that Hamilton does not let go of the throat like the Calgary debacle.

Oski Wee Wee,


Thanks and Oski Wa Wa :thup:

Russ, why no sweetness and light?

Looks as if Stephen is a late scratch due to injury at practice this week. So they have some ratio adjustments to make.

Read about it here: http://3downnation.com/2015/07/02/court ... or-ticats/

My prediction - Coates stars in place of either Sinkfield or one of the new WR, and Stewart gets the start at corner.

Got my brand new 55" Ultra HD Curved TV all fired up and waiting.

Houston we have a problem !!! Drew Edwards just reported on twitter that Courtney Stephen is a late game scratch creating a major ratio problem for tonight’s game. I’m not to sure how the team will configure their starting 7 Cdns for this one. Possibilities are perhaps starting O’Neill on the line or Plesius in the middle or maybe Coates at receiver.
The other 6 Cdn starters will be…c-Filer/lg-Dyakowski/rg-Bomden/wr-Fantuz/dt-Laurent/s-Butler
Stayed tuned for further developments.


The only thing I'd stick my neck, or wallet, out to bet on this one, particularly now with Stephen out, is that Johnny Jr. is flagged for at least one stupid penalty -- roughness, taunting, unsportmanlike.

2 NAT DTs...

Then again, Coates at WR wouldn't be TOO bad an option either...

hey gang should be good game. I am sure they are ready to show they are there to win. :thup:

We're going to waffle them....

Bad throw great catch :thup:

Went to the well too many times :roll:

cmon man TD not FG!!!

Medlock gives the Cats the lead 3-1

Medlock for a FG. 3-1 for the good guys...

Money medlock

3-1 good guys

I know the game just started but they better get better in the red zone pronto

Seems like they moved the ball with greater ease against Winnipeg than they did against Calgary.

Too many comercials :twisted:

We need to gamble and score once in a situation like this...break the streak...show we can get in the endzone...