Hamilton at Toronto

Jays winning so I switched to the Ticat/Argo game.

Time to enjoy some football. Just don't look at the empty stands. :cry:

Quite a rumble, trying to recover the football. :slight_smile:

It's impossibly early, but the Argos, minus their receivers, actually look good. :o

Crowd doesn't look bad in the shade. I just wish the other side was as full. But I digress. Time to concentrate and enjoy the football.

Argo DL looks strong w/o dead weight at DE.

Are all the football fans in Toronto at the Pride Parade?

OMG - the entire east side is practically empty. Over 19,000 fans attended rugby games in Toronto and Hamilton yesterday 6,000+ at Lamport Stadium and 13,000+ at THF. Are there even 12,000 fans at BMO today - a game between rivals Hamilton and Toronto?

I wasn't expecting a great crowd but I'm pretty shocked just how bad it is. (and how bad my Cats have looked.)

Absolutely never have seen a blocked kick and a guy catches it in the air from the block and goes all the way! Wow! Any league, any game. Unreal! :o

Pat, I know you're all about crowd stuff, that's your raison d'etre sort of thing, but are you actually watching the game? I think you actually like watching CFL football but sometimes I have my doubts. 8)

Pat, more importantly are television numbers and I bet the TV numbers for this game are going to be quite fine.


Patrick just likes to stir the pot.

Hopefully the fans are in the shade.

To me it looks like a crowd of 25,000..... wait a minute, they don't count the crowd like a TFC game.

The crowd is disappointing. What else can we say? With the Argos, we've been here a million times before.

As for the TFC...

Let's wait a few years until the bloom is off the rose and the novelty has worn off. My guess, the TFC will be hurting for fans.

Earl - I was posting in real time about thank God the Argos have the case of the dropsies just as the Cats got the blocked field goal return for the touchdown over in the Ti-Cats thread - so yes I am watching the game.

THAT has NOTHING to do with the FACT that the crowd in Toronto today IS PATHETIC! And that DOES reflect badly on the CFL and for those watching the game in other countries. IT DOES!

And as I mentioned - I find it amazing that the crowd at BMO today - especially considering there are 2 - 3 thousand Hamilton fans - is less than half of what they got for a soccer game 44 hours ago in that same stadium and is likely less than what they got for a rugby game at THF yesterday. Who would have ever thought it would get THAT bad for the Argos. (Having said that - happy for Rugby Canada that they got such a good crowd here in the Hammer yesterday)

You have a point, Patrick. It's just, sometimes, you sound like you are gloating about how bad the crowds are. Maybe it's just the way you turn a phrase.

No one can say the games haven't been high scoring in 2017. :wink:


That sounds/looks right to me. It's a shame. Hopefully the TV numbers will be strong.

Brutal considering at least a couple of thousands of those are from Hamilton. About as brutal as my Cats offensive line - which I'm sure Collaros would agree has been offensive.

Maybe the attendance will grow with the Argos win - and the Cats line will improve with experience? Goodness I hope so - because both were beyond bad today.

I think 15,000 to 15,500 would have been outstanding for first home game of year.

13,700 isn't the worst news one could hear.

With a win over Hamilton - and some momentum - a professional head coach in Rabbi Trestman I can see the next home game hitting the 15 to 16k mark.

Late to the party - from the looks of it Collaros should revert to his birth nickname - Snack Collaros!

He's being eaten alive! :cowboy:

Hope you're right.

As for their fans, they should be happy because the Argos have looked GREAT! The Ticats, not so much.