Hamilton at Toronto - Oct 12

Rod, this isn’t a “shootout”. :stuck_out_tongue:

The crowd actually doesn’t look that bad. :slight_smile:

Nice defensive play. Very nice.

Righting past wrongs?? I can remember too many occasions when they've been on the wrong side of calls that should have gone their way - only to have the league admit AFTER the fact that they made the wrong call!

With those Ryerson kicks I saw they won’t be dealing out tuition to anyone .

Picked the right school from the looks of it .

Still LOVE the promotion . :smiley:

At first, I thought it was snowing. :slight_smile:

All year long I have complained a bout bad calls against Hamilton. Tonight it’s the opposite- 3 horrible calls (one in the CC) that should have gone Toronto’s way.

We’re coming for YOU Ottawa. :slight_smile:

but let's see if Hamilton can finish this off first

Yup - need to finish off the blew team before they get their hands on the OTTRBs!

Speedy B having a night. :slight_smile:

This thread has died… like Argo hopes.

Good pick tho’

Terrible game. It was over half way through the third quarter.

According to Rod Black it was still a shootout at that point.

Rod’s right with that, soccer guys aren’t going to like that grass in the helmet. :-* :-* :-*

Game over though, too little too late, TiCats showed up big-time for this one. No terrible game for the Cats. Argos too many injuries this year especially Ray, never could get it together who was the no. 1 qb.

Banks excellent choice for Player of the Game. He is just so dangerous.

I was posting mainly on the Ticats forum. Busier thread going on over there!

TFC can’t say a thing about the turf the way they’ve played. They are done for the year.

I think the pass interference was due to something that happened earlier in the route…illegal contact becomes PI if the ball is thrown to that player.
Duane Forde had a problem with the roughing the passer call, but that’s because he doesn’t know anything. The call wasn’t for helmet-to-helmet; it was for a forearm hit to Masoli’s head. Forde insisted that it wasn’t helmet-to-helmet, therefore there should be no penalty.
I’ve never seen anyone with so long a CFL career who knows so little about the rules.

masoli = best qb
banks = best receiver, fastest receiver
tasker = most reliable reciever

incredible to watch Hamilton this year