Hamilton at Toronto - Oct 12

Attendance is BAD… There. I said it. Now, let’s just try and enjoy the game.

Hamilton needs this. Combined with an Edmonton win tomorrow, and things could be looking up for the Ticats - a possible 1st place finish in the East.

Totally agree Kevin (about needing the W). Thought that the Ticats fans would be flooding BMO - or are they the only ones that showed up? Haven’t really seen a crowd shot - at least not that I’ve noticed.

Time for the D to shut down Franklin and friends!

Good game so far.

Beauty drive by the Cats, td Tasker, nice. Masoli nice run to get it close.

Good on TSN for burning Rod Black up for this veritable nothing game - (basically a test game for James Franklin)

Prolly means no Black in either of tomorrow’s triple-header - unless they want to air express Black out to Edmonton for tomorrow afternoon’s game?

Better to use Gord Miller - let Rod go wild on Sunday!

One side is good - the side they don’t show.

It is cold out there so I can’t blame people who didn’t show up.

Yup. Other than dropping my bowl of potato chips, 1st quarter has been good. :slight_smile:

Great drive by the Double Blue, Burks looks like a keeper.

Just a small point!!LiveMic is a big joke!! Fans at the bar laught at it. Terrible idea.
But it does keep Black from talking. TO should win this one!!

But if it was the NFL “fans” at the bar would love it. We get it. Same old, same old, it’s now officially a joke to crap on the CFL no matter what.

3rd and one and you kick it and you’re not in the playoffs? Don’t get that.

He killed us in the preseason game and he’s sure on a roll so far tonight! He’s been way too open on many of his catches and you don’t want to give him room to run! Ticats D better find a way to slow him down.

Argos should win this challenge, they were both jockying, absolutely no PI.

Hard to tell from the replay that I saw - and Trestman is NOT successful. Good break for the Ticats.
Ticats better make good use of this scoring opportunity after that call - and I don’t mean another FG.


Brutal call, horrible officiating by the CC. Cats lucky for sure with this.

Little B, love it! Banks is a beast!

Trestman FURIOUS!!!

As a Cat fan… I agree totally. CC wrong.

Unless they saw something we couldn’t see on TV maybe something earlier in the route, don’t know.