Hamilton at Toronto 1873 Game Day Thread

This is pretty cool

Globe account of the 1st @TorontoArgos game Oct 18 1873. It was against the Hamilton Football Club in Hamilton, beginning rivalry w @Ticats.

You been carrying that in your wallet all this time?

They sure didn't waste words back then. "Many amusing incidents occurred, which were duly appreciated by the spectators." You don't say.

Surprised that there's a game thread up already - three days ahead of the game! Must be anxious - aren't we? :smiley:

Ticats will have to ensure that there's a different result from that clipping. Maybe something similar to last season's BMO opener?? :smiley: :rockin:

I'm with you on last season's Arblow home opener at BMO, repeat, repeat, repeat!!!


I for one hope that in 2019, to celebrate the 150th, the team dons these Hamilton Tigers retros during the Labour Day Classic. I'd buy one.

I have a question for someone. How come the Cats have not had that " Killer Instinct " since Austin has coached.
I'm hoping this will change, but I doubt it.

So far we look awful shitty,

We didn't win that game either. Ugh.

With 15 on the roster, I'm sure salary cap issues weren't at issue.

Love this stuff!