Hamilton at Saskatchewan

Well from what I can, no one has the Riders to win tonight.
Upset maybe.......wouldn't that be something! :-X
I just don't know this team well enough at this point in the season to make a confident prediction of a win or even solid offensive decisions.
Go Riders Go

Brandon Bridge not exactly confidence inspiring in this interview. His body language reminds me of a teenager caught doing something wrong:


If BB wants to be handed starter reins one day I sure hope this millenial grows up very soon. 4th year in the CFL and this is how he displays himself in camera? Doesn't he understand the leadership required?

Jones is and ego idiot, put Carter on O and leave bridge in, let him settle in. I hope Reynolds has the balls to let this ego maniac go at end of season. never wanted Jones here, still don't. The board needs to step in and get things settled. Jones thinks he's god, everyone says put Carter back on O but he keeps bucking it, what a ego fool!!

Wow that was frickin ugly, but it still counts ?, just get your crap figured out over the bye week!

They beat a very good Hamilton team.

they didn't do it by offense tho.

Jones outcoached the other Jones tonite and we won the game. Had Jones stuck with Bridge alone we would not have won. Both QBs contributed and together = ok QB'ing. Defence and special teams coverage won it for us.

This was one of the most entertaining games we have attended in a long time. Great hard fought win over a very good TiCat team.

we are very lucky we won that game, and no Bridge needed to stay in game. and Jones still needs to go

I think it’s the bandwagon jumpers who should leave.

Jones outcoached the other Jones last night. And it’s his D that outplayed them. Masoli has a record night and can’t score a TD? Incredible. We are 2-2 which we haven’t been in 4 or 5 years. So despite our flaws, we are improving but the Jones haters refuse to see it. Was a smart decision to rotate two QBs because one alone would have been in trouble all game long. Instead Jones used that to our advantage and kept TiCats coordinators guessing about a QB while our D picked it up to contain the TiCats. Very smart coaching and none of us saw that coming.

Well that was something....alright.
Good for the Win.

Is it just me or have the defense not been coached on "finishing the tackles"!!! That was ugly.....anyone watching that?

Great to see Thigpen do what he does......keep doing that.

Looked to me like the Hamilton QB was never ever concerned about the Rider Defense....anyone else think Masoli had a 100 yrs to throw the ball Mannnnn >:(
Jones said no fishing time, got lots of work to do......Ya think
Well good for the win?
GO Riders GO

Still can’t believe we won this game. Our defence looked brutal getting run over by that tank out of the cat’s backfield and masoli hitting wide open receivers all night.
Not necessarily thrilled but a W is a W.
Lot’s of work to do in the bye week.

This has to go down as the most as s kissing comment in the history of this site. What picture does Jones have of you that you want kept hidden??

The special teams played a huge role giving Hamilton long fields the entire night.

Special Teams and D won that game.

I think Bridge crossed the plane of the goal before the fumble. Should have had another 6 - at least.

Ugly - but a win is a win.

Ya that camera angle wasn't conclusive as it wasn't right down the goal line. Unless the command center had another angle at the very least it was inconclusive

naah, it was very clear on replay that he did not

So now some serous prep for the Rematch in Hamilton.
It could be very exciting if a/the "2"Quarterback system was employed. Might be just the "kink" needed to a winning recipe.
The 2 QB system has worked (shutdown defenses) for some teams in the past, Eskimos for one team comes to mind back in the 70's helping to solidify their many year dynasty.
Anyway, seeing both young QB's out there running for their lives was exciting and probably helped to win this last game.
I say go for it.
Go Riders Go

Entertainment Defense spoke volumes about the Cats vs Riders football game last night and both QB's Bridge and Watford celebrated the victory together. Sensational

;D yep!!