Hamilton at Saskatchewan

I am worried about this game after the ti-cats improve to a 4-2 record they are looking very good like a solid TEAM. Our D is going to have a very hard time stopping the run of Cobb and Porter, I think our DB's if they tighten up on the recievers will be able to stop the passing game, but unless the D-line starts lining up in normal config's we wont have a chance to stop the running game. Our offence I think will be okay Hamiltons D-line doesn't appear to be to impressive but their LB's and DB's seem to have alot of talent. I think this game is going to be a shootout lots of point scored im giving the edge to hamilton on this one not a win but the edge.

Riders need to improve on:

  1. the way the D-line line's up is costing them they need to have a player for all the gaps not trying to fill just one or two gaps
  2. offencive play calling, if cates isnt having success running lets start throwing way more screens to him didn't see many against BC and if they did it was always up the middle. also getting Durant to rush more on 1st and 10 to confuse the D
  3. DB's need to step into the recievers better and lay down harder hits
  4. Special teams. Gerran Walker good reciever BAD returner Stu Foord is very strong and runs down field taclking has been an issue on SP teams

things Riders are doing right:

  1. finding the gaps in the backfield two games in a row we have been able to get players wide open for huge gains this has resulted in 28pts.
    2.when the D-line gets pressure they do an excellent job
    3.donovan alexander is really improving and looks solid

Ti-Cats with Cobb, will tear us apart.

We haven't been able to stop the Run game for 4 straight weeks now.. and no one on this team seems to wanna make any changes. Cobb will have a field day with us!

Riders might be able to get points on the board if they can establish any sort of a run game, but Durant will have to be flawless!

but we all know that's next to impossible..

I can't see Saskatchewan at this point in the season defeating the Cats.

Both teams have comparable stats, for now.

It seems Hamilton's O-line has always given their running backs great opportunity to succeed, and I think Caulley and Cobb will run havoc through Etch's D.

The QB match up will be sweet........errrr, assuming DD starts.

Quinton Porter, acquired May 08..............116 for 176.1186 yards............rating.82.5
Darian Durant. signed May 05............. 92 for 161. 1306 yards.............rating.81.4

Porter at 6.05 has no problems throwing over linemen, and seems to have made a quick adjustment to the CFL game, making good reads and has deceptive speed.

Riders. 28
Tiger-Cats. 36

Somewhat agree with cflisthebest. I think the Riders can beat the Ticats. But not if they can't stop Cobb. I like some of the Riders defence but not the run defence. If they don't stop Cobb it will be a long hot day for the players and for us in the stands.

My guess is that Cobb will break the single game rushing record now that Williams is out.
This will the be the 'welcome back to earth' game for all Rider fans.

My how things have changed. Last year one would have considered it a fluke for Hamilton to beat the Riders and this year we are considering the possiblity that they will whip our butt in our own house. Gotta love the CFL.

I also believe that if we play like we did last week we have little chance of beating the well coached Tabbies. Our defensive line is on life support, we have a marginal running game and we are out yardaged on special teams by a wide margin. Unfortunately I also have to predict a Hamilton victory at Taylor Field.

I'd like to see a commitment to the running game as well as a package of screen plays to blunt the aggressive Hamilton front four. Play action to Cates, release him into the flat, and swing pass. But the main thing is to stay focused on running the ball. If you start going all-pass because the run game isn't working early, you're going to make life very difficult for DD and increase his chances of throwing a pick or fumbling the ball.

Never give up Never lose faith

Riders :thup: 28
Ticats :thdn: 24

I can see your heart is ahead of your Brain for making decisions!

you honestly believe the Riders will beat the Ti-Cats? considering our defense can't stop the Running game? and Cobb is one of the best RB's out there this season?

it's like trying to stop a semi using a tri-cycle!

it's going to be a spread of at least 14 pts.

Maybe this is true, but i am not betting any money on this game so why can't i pick with my heart? You think that for the last few losing seasons that the Ticats had that their fans always picked them to lose? I doubt it, it's called faith and i wish some more of the Rider fans on here could have some.

I always want my team to win! I have faith.. But I also cannot look at the game without thinking about the reality of it all.

its been proven game after game now that our crazy defense has very little success against the running game!

unless Etch has secretly come out with a miracle defense for us on Sunday.. it's going to be DeJavu all over again!

Heck we havent' even seen Winnipeg yet.. and with those two running backs, oh my god... I hate to even think about it!

Didn't you have similar comments going into the Calgary game?

perhaps.. but this game is different. and for once I'll be right!

I hope not I don't want to see another loss at home.

well me either! I'd give anything for the Riders to pull it out! just having a difficult time believing it!

As a diehard Cats fan,I am absolutely astounded by the lack of faith in this thread.Even when my TiCats were putting forth revolting displays of football,hockey or whatever,I could never say (outloud anyway ) that my team even had a remote chance of losing.You Rider Fans (2nd greatest in the league btw ) have got to stop thinkin' with the brain and start bringin' it from the ole ticker.The game is so much more fun that way.Peace.

Just hang on there. . .

Cobb is one of the best RBs. . . as long as he is playing against BC. . . then he looks like an allstar.

Against other teams, so far, not so much.

  1. your a troll
  2. look at the thread called half-time speech #2 and tell us if we have no heart

Look, it's not the mere fact that someone from another team posts in a team's forum that makes one a troll. The fellow is actually saying ... if you take the time to read between the lines ... that he considers the Riders better than its own fans do - the "fans" of the Riders should do a little less bitching and a little more supporting. How exactly it that trolling? Quite frankly, I agree with him.

all right I apologize for the troll comment that was rude. This post maybe hit a sore spot with me because in a way I am sick of everyone being so negative about the team but there are a few of us in this forum who have alot of faith, confidence, hope, and heart with this team and we are very passionate about this team. Like I said before if you think we dont have heart then go look at half time speech#2 or #1 or GO DURANT. Once again sorry for the troll comment I dont want to hinder other fans from coming in here and being positive