Hamilton at Saskatchewan GT, Sun. July 26, 7 pm, TSN

I love the jokes. Keep em comin.

Nope, it's considered the Marquise Match-up bobo8224; However for the Cats, I just know you "MAY" say 1 and 3 ? :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, certainly looking forward to watching this game. Cheers
For the record: Lapolice :rockin:


Hey I was there at the sign (minus the flag and Ticats gear) about 3 and a half weeks ago! Enjoy the game!!

Don’t blame me Steve, I just copied the jokes from a Texas joke site.

Where you from Steve? If I had to guess you are not from the Hammer?

Q: Why do University of Saskatchatoonewan grads keep their diplomas on their dashboards?
A: So they can park in handicap spaces.

Q: Why couldn't the baby Jesus be born in Saskattoonawean
A: Because they couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin


Lighten up Steve...I've seen these jokes before, and they have been pointed at Texans, and specifically, graduates of Texas A&N University....usually posted by graduates of the University of Texas.

For example:

A new ATM is designed to make users feel like they are actually dealing with a teller. One way it does it is by making "small talk"...

"Hello Sir...nice day...what do you do for a living?"

When the person tells the ATM what they do, the machine responds appropriately...for example:

"I'm a musician" is followed by "Well, have you heard the new Boz Scaggs CD?"...or

"I'm a carpenter" is followed by "Did you see American Yankee Workbench last week"...or

"I'm unemployed right now..." is followed by "How 'bout them Aggies?" (the nickname of the Texas A&M football team)

Don't take it personally...

HfxTC: I agree. There is no way we should be 1-2 this season. Even with the injuries, we had a strong, competitive team.
The lack of a running game may have been partly dictated by the injury factor but if we continue this way against Saskatchewan we could be in trouble. For some reason Kent Austin and Tommy Condell appear to want to stick with a game plan regardless and seem very reluctant to change things up...especially on the ground. Same thing happened last season.

However....I don't want to pre-judge things. I look forward to seeing our offence come out firing on all cylinders tomorrow night and keep it that way until the final whistle. The defence I am not too worried about. These guys look like they really want to play hard for Orlondo.

It looks to me like we are in for a huge fight in the East this season. Toronto and Ottawa are on a roll so we need to go full-bore. We have to stop the stupid penalties and use all of our talented players every game.

I'm predicting we'll be 2-2 after tomorrow night's game. :rockin:

Drew Edwards is reporting Sinkfield and Underwood are scratched in favour of McDuffie and Jasper Collins. :expressionless:
We get to listen to Suitor to nut hug the riders on this one! :frowning:

Likely Ticat roster changes (and what they mean)

"Gable’s return along with the return of Canadian Anthony Woodson mean the Ticats will go with just one American running back. That gives them an extra designated import spot to use on linebacker David Caldwell, who will play situational defence and plenty of special teams. Hamilton is also expected to make a few performance-related changes: receivers Quincy McDuffie and Jasper (Junior) Collins will replace Terrell Sinkfield and Tiquan Underwood."

[b]TSN play-by-play: Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor

Referee: Dave Foxcroft

The weather forecast: Sunny, 27 C with winds out of the west at 20 km/h.[/b]

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/07/25/riders-under-pressure-as-ticats-come-to-town/]http://3downnation.com/2015/07/25/rider ... e-to-town/[/url]

That many changes (it sounds like there'll be 8 new faces this week), from one game to the next, is very reminiscent of this time last year. Gable, Collins, McDuffie and Woodson on offence. Caldwell, Murray, Norwood and Stephen on D.

If this was a comedy site then I would also agree. Since it is a football site, using comedy (especially corny comedy plagiarized from somewhere else) is not appropriate in my eyes, and yes Ryan I live in the hammer as you can tell from my signature. :o

So Sinkfeild is out, not sure I get this move. He has been a solid receiver thus far and putting in a player with almost no game experience in Regina of all places makes zero sense :thdn:


Drew claims this is "performance-related." I don't buy that for Sinkfield. They guy has been great so far this year.

Yah i see that. With all the ribbin Hamilton incorrectly takes for various reasons youd think you would have an appreciation for these kind of jokes.

Hes out for no reason?!? I assumed he was hurt!!

Well he did drop that TD pass against the All Wets. IMO with the distraction caused by the DB not many great WR's would have caught that ball, but then KA obviously disagrees with my thinking. Missing a game or two will give him a chance to refocus on what he needs to do. Hopefully it will have the same effect as Norwood received last year.


Any coach who sits a player based upon one dropped pass won't be employed for long. Dropped passed are a part of football. Every receiver who has ever played football has dropped a pass. Every single one. I can't buy that as an explanation. Besides, the guy has made more than a few circus catches this season. Plus he's part of the rushing attack.

McDuffie and Banks can do this just as well or better.

Banks sure. The team has already used Banks and Sinkfield in this manner, together, to great effect. McDuffie? Haven't seen him on the field in a while. Plus, how many carries does he have? Can he play receiver as well or better than Sinkfield? Should a coach sit a guy because as proven as Sinkfield because he dropped one pass or because the other guy "might" be better?

I would say no. And taking Sink out of this game is a mistake.

I got a bad feeling about this one. Glenn always seems to play well against us. The smashing watermelons video was too arrogant for this team at this point. No way Riderville will accept 0-5. With Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa ahead in the standings, the Cats might try too hard to force the game. Hope I'm wrong!