Hamilton at Saskatchewan Game Thread- Saturday October 7, 2023

Game starts in about 90 minutes. Although it will likely be impossible to live up to the hype and indeed the delivery of last night’s game of the year, I’m thinking this could be a very good game and it is a difficult one to pick.

Bo Levi is back and starting for the Cats. Scott Milanovich has to attend to a family matter so Hamilton will have a substitute OC for this game.

And let’s not forget that it is George Reed Day in Saskatchewan and honour one of the greatest CFL players ever, both on and off the field.


It’s a playoff atmosphere again even though somehow the Ti-Cats are already going to be in the playoffs, so it should be an exciting game.

Also all those playing are showing off whatever they have left so as to be on the team next season or show things up for a new team whether in the CFL or in another league.

Fix the contract terms now and keep the better players in the CFL, CFL.

Don’t screw it up again this year by letting them get away, for very, very few will make it to the NFL to a regular season roster and play.

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Does anyone have Ticat depth chart for today? I cant find one on their team site. Thanks

The Ticats still have a shot at a home playoff game, right?


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Sask D looked like keystone cops on that big play, lol


Yes but they have lost the tiebreaker to Montreal so they must finish ahead of them. Their last game is against each other so that could be the one for home field, depending on what they each do up until then. The Ticats have to be tied with them heading in to that last game to have a chance at second.


Is it just me or has the Riders defensive tackling gotten worse through the season?

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How isn’t that intentional grounding and a safety?

Aah, now they got it right.


So does the receiving team have the option to start at their 40 on a safety now?

That’s the story of the Riders last few games. A four yard completion on first down and a 3 yard completion on second down to get to 3rd and 3…

As if to engineer a Riders’ comeback on cue, that Shiltz threw that ball woefully too.

Like Ron Burgundy just tweeted, if you are going to launch a ball like that, at least show some style and proper form!

C’mon now, throwing the ball high like that off the back foot in pro football? Damn, many of us could do that with about the same result.

This is pro football, Shiltz! Fix it now, or ride pine for the rest of the night!

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Dustin Nielson is representing those of us well who can’t stand pumpkin spice or pumpkin whatever. It’s not even pumpkin anyway. Thank you.


He threw it away DA

Late TD by Sask makes it 25-9 Hamilton at the end of a half thoroughly dominated by Hamilton.

I’m starting to wonder if there is any point to playing the Western Semi Final this year?

As a buddy and I were replacing a tap until now I didn’t see every minute of the half and missed the switch from Bo to Shiltz. Did Bo get hurt, perhaps when he got cranked on the safety?

Kate Beirness looks hot tonight.


Well, I think she did well at least not to go full pumpkin or witchy again.

Otherwise, I was looking at Brit Dort.

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I don’t think so, I think it’s the game plan, mite see Mitchel in second half

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Why was that the plan? It’s worked whatever the reason, but it seems odd.

Other than that bad decision by Shiltz (for the pic)?
The Ti-Cats looked fab.
Though, the Riders secondary looked nonexistent.

Except for the two games against the Argos.
Hamilton has looked great since Week 11 loss to Edmonton.