Hamilton at Montreal GT, Sun. Oct. 18, 1 pm et, TSN

1 think the Cats haven't learned ( not sure why ) how to win UGLY.
No one says you have to win by 3 TDs.
But when was the last time Cats won on a last minute FG?
Check Calgary, and see how we were up late in Q4, and still they managed to lose to Calgary.

The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Ugh - the Rod Black - Kevin Glenn love-in has started already...

Hi all!

At least the guy directing the cameras knows who made the play there. Unlike Rod and company, still raving about Glenn, who threw into traffic.

WAY TO GO FORD!!! :thup: :thup: Don’t think that the Larks were looking for a run off the bat! :smiley:

Can someone PLEASE teach Banks how to hold onto the football?

GREAT run by Ford! Then the Cornell Connection, baby!

LOVING this drive!! Unfortunately stopped bit short and have to go for a Medlock but better three than zip!

Our guys are looking good so far! :smiley:

Awesome block by Tasker on Sink's YAC...

Medlock for 3...

I'll take that for an opening drive in Montreal.

I was trying to find the game on the internet and then I see it’s on ESPN 2 !!!

Time for our D to put a stop to KG and his new friends! :rockin:

two games in a row with Rod Black ------yuk!!!! :thdn:

Stop the penalties man

I hope so. The Als can punch their ticket to the playoffs against the blew team next week! I want a W in Montreal for a change. Larks broke their string of not winning in Hamilton - Time for the Ticats to break their winless streak in La Belle Province


Nice pick!!

Pick by Stephen!

Stewart went for the strip on that run instead of the tackle. Should have been stopped about 10-yds earlier.

INT STEPHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PICK STEPHEN!!!! :thup: :thup: I was hoping that they'd keep them to a FG but a PICK IS EVEN BETTER - EXCEPT for the crappy FP!

Wasted possession. Throw the damn ball

Can we PLEASE not run sweeps to Banks while in our own end? They never seem to work...