Hamilton at Montreal GT, Sun. Oct. 18, 1 pm et, TSN

Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal Alouettes
Sun 1PM ET / 10AM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

As it is my birthday on Monday, a Cat win would be a lovely early gift. :wink:

Doubtless a big game for both teams. I don’t see how Kevin Glenn is going to be able to start in a new offense so close to his arrival and be able to perform well against an excellent defence! Hamilton ought to win in Montreal for the first time in the regular season for forever.

Oski Wee Wee,


Please win by 15.

And happy early bday Russ!

No better way to celebrate your birthday than with a Ticats win - much overdue in La Belle Province to be sure! Sure made my birthday last year :smiley: - unfortunately the team was on the bye this year and lost on sides of my birthday - to EE and the nags :cry:

Happy Birthday anyway Russ! Hope you have a good day - or an even better one with the Ticats winning! :smiley:

Since we won last week, I'm going to have to keep this up in the Game Day Threads...


It'll be a win 4, but without Zach even being there. This from Drew Edwards:

"Ticat quarterback Zach Collaros is expected to have his knee surgery next week and isn’t on the trip to Montreal. Collaros was on the sidelines for the game against Saskatchewan and played an active role in supporting Jeff Mathews. Head coach Kent Austin said Collaros’ involvement was something that Mathews wanted and he supported. But Collaros needs to get mentally and physically prepared for the surgery and rehab that awaits."

Ham seems to take vacation time when playing Montreal I hope that all changes today. :cowboy:

Let me preface this by saying, i've got my spot on the couch very much set in, PVR set just in case and post game herbal tea ready for all the screaming-at-the-tv-ing that i'm planning on doing....

but.... am i the only one that isn't gonna be completely heart broken with a loss this afternoon if it means there'll be an eastern cross-over for the first time in ever?

(also pretty confident we'll be able to run the table after this game so... kinda mitigates how much MTL's D has stymied our game plans this year...)

The Cats do seem to let games slip away in Montreal each and every July! Must be those French Cheerleaders distracting em!
I am also hoping for the first Eastern crossover ever! Just to rub it in to the West is best Nation!
I think Glenn will shine as the Veteran QB he is behind a good O line with those receivers .Our offence is going to need a great performance to match the Als this afternoon!
I take our great D for granted as well as great Special teams .

If you check their bios, half of them are English Canadians - just like their fans in Montreal :lol:

Air blows beat them last week at home so I doubt they will lose 2 in a row at Molson Stadium , I hope I am wrong ! Maybe their new rookie QB will fail , I hope so because this Forum will get real interesting and also the post game radio on 1150/900am

Should be a HUGE test for Mathews

Kevin Glenn is starting.

Andy McNamara ?@AndyMc81 12m12 minutes ago
Weather at kickoff 1pm in Montreal for @Ticats vs @MTLAlouettes: 4C (feels like 0), partly sunny, 15km/hr NW winds.

Sarcasm perhaps?

Cats are way over due for a win in Montreal, today is the day and this will accomplish 2 things. Streak broken and shutting the media up.

ugh not a fan of all white :thdn:

I agree, Too "stay puffft marshmallow" for my liking

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 28m28 minutes ago
#Ticats will be in their all-white jersey & pant combo vs. #Alouettes today. #CFL

I would think that all Lions and Bummers fans will be pulling for the TiCats today! :rockin:

Hamilton - 26
Montreal -18

Nevis and Rice confirmed as the Reserves and, for MTL, RB Rutley and OL Ruby, both backups.

Hi folks!