Hamilton at Montreal Game Thread- Saturday October 28,2023

Liegghio has been pretty accurate all season. He had one bad game - the rest of the time he was making almost all his FGs. He was inconsistent on TD converts although that has improved. The punting leaves much to be desired but there wasn’t much available when Flint had to leave unexpectedly.


Yeah, it’s interesting. We’re shaky on field goals, you’re shaky on punts. Both teams have holes in the kicking game.

McAllister can help to alleviate the problem of being pinned deep if he can find a hole and get some decent blocking. He was setting them up with better FP later in the game. It’s hard to counter Vedvik’s punting though. Hard for the cover teams to get down the field to limit returns.


I can tell you from experience that if you need Liegghio to make a kick in a big game it won’t happen. He is incredibly nervous and lacks confidence. He also has the weakest leg in the league. We saw it enough last year in Winnipeg, costing us outright two games including the Cup. He’ll start by missing a convert early and then it will snowball. Maybe you will get lucky and won’t need him in the clutch but he is the last kicker in the league I would bet on to make a clutch field goal or even convert. His track record speaks for itself.

Game 2 of the CFL double header tonight with Toronto leading Ottawa 14-3 - 3:00 minute warning untill half time.

We are saving our tackling for next week . We don’t want to show them too much in this game after all . :scream_cat:


Sorry Bobo but I saw all I needed to this afternoon. If you guys can muster up a proper QB next year then maybe it will be different. Maybe even that is Shiltz. How would the young people describe the Bo experiment? Epic fail I think. If he starts next week immediately double all bets on Montreal.

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14-6 at the half but I think it’s a good thing no one started a thread for this snoozer.

Been watching Habs-Jets and will check in on the World Series as well.

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Hey Jon , don’t know if you realize or not but you are preaching to the choir when it comes to BLM . I 100% agree that if BLM starts next week we lose plane and simple , no questions asked , no doubt in my mind . I honestly would rather take my chances with Shiltz and Powell next week and keep BLM nailed to the bench .


I’m watching the gane but also tle Colorado -UCL ( I am a Prime Coach hater hahaha)

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I dunno, bobo. I think the issue isn’t BLM so much as Steinauer not giving him a full game to shake off the rust from a serious injury. He was actually starting to move the football. He made some nice throws in the first half and also had his receiver drop catchable passes. He showed good pocket awareness to avoid pressure and kept his eyes downfield.

I don’t get why he didn’t get three quarters at least, if not a full game, when Powell has already played so much this season.

Okay it’s time for a math lesson here . BLM’s stats on the night read as follows…5 of 10 for 53 yds , longest pass was 37 yds. So that leaves 4 passes out of 10 for a whopping 16 yards for a 4 yd avg .

Believe me it is BLM and the Cats are not winning shit with this guy as their starting QB . You know it and I know it . The only way we win that ESF next week is if we nail BLM’s ass to the bench and go with Shiltz and Powell …Full stop , end of discussion , period .


I know BLM’s stats weren’t great, but he was starting to find receivers later in the game. And it’s not like the receivers played a spotless game (on both teams, actually). Plenty of drops of catchable passes. I think you have to let a guy work his way back into rhythm, give him the full game. What’s the harm? If he takes the whole game and does nothing, you turn to Shiltz next week. If he finds his form, then you’ve got three good QBs you can rely on in the semifinal.

But I guess we’ll see next week. I would be shocked if Steinauer sat BLM for the most important game of the year. I think BLM gets at least a half next week. If he’s struggling after 30 minutes, I would expect to see Shiltz and/or Powell in the second half. It’s not like Montreal has some explosive offence that will put the game away by halftime. Whichever team wins, I expect it to be a close game.

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I think you are being far too generous to Bo and I’m with Bobo on this one. Bo has “been working his way back into rhythm” since 2018. How much longer does he need?

If Bo starts your team wins easily.


weel at leats RB could make a TD for close this season!

He’s coming off a major injury, Jon. It’s by no means unreasonable to give him some time to work back into form. He was seeing the field well even though the stats weren’t there.

I’m not saying he’s the BLM of five years ago. But he needs a full game to shake off the injury rust and he hasn’t gotten it yet. I’m baffled. What was there to lose by letting him play the whole game?

Anyway, I hope you’re right and I’m wrong and our team wins easily next week!