Hamilton at Montreal Game Thread- Saturday October 28,2023

This preseason/exhibition game starts in about a half hour.

I didn’t think last night’s similar meaningless game in the standings was completely horrible. Hopefully we will see a half decent game this afternoon too.

As far as I am aware both Fajardo and Mitchell to start at least.

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That’s the word out of Montreal although you might see more of Bo than Cody since Bo has played so little this season. I’m thinking that we’ll see Bo at least as long as we did in the last game which was the first half and I think a series into the 3rd quarter. Maybe he plays three quarters today or maybe they adjust the plan depending on the intensity of the game to be sure that he stays healthy.

According to Maas, the plan is to play Fajardo for a quarter or so, then give the other QBs the rest of the game.

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Good to know , so we only have the first quarter or so to knock the ever loving crap out of him then . :smiley_cat:

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0pening kick off - Hamilton fumble, recovered by Montreal - 2 plays TD Alouettes lead 7-0

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You weren’t quite successful on that first MTL drive. :bird:

That’s what you call a CFL hat trick . 3 plays , 3 flags and a TD . :scream_cat:


Cody always gets his receivers killed over the middle of the field.

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Yeah Mack could have been hurt there pretty easily.

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Not sure if that was DPI or not but I’m also not sure why Maas used his challenge so early when all he would gain if successful is a 10 yard first down to about his own 50. If he’s wrong…

Well he was right but still risky.

God, Cody is awful at reading pressure and getting that ball off.


Just like last time I don’t like that BS playground play.

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It’s the rules. It’s fun. It’s very niche and difficult to execute. I like it.


Looked pretty easy to execute to me. Justice is they had to punt anyway. Never liked it.

It’s not easy.

Heads up Football - Skookum


More snakes and ladders than football if you ask me.

That is Ok - just one’s opinion

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Pretty good throw by Bo under pressure. Thought Bayless could have had that if he ran a little harder.

But Montreal fumble followed by a 37 yard completion.

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