Hamilton at Edmonton

If our guys lost..
This was a very respectable way to do so.
Now yes our Cats are 0 and 6.
Like everyone else...I am sure not to pleased about it.
I sure liked the effort the guys put in...right to the end.
And I truely think that we are close to turning around the train wreak.
12 games remain...
This season is not a wash out.
Let's pack the house..when the Peg comes to town next week.
Letting our guys know...we are with them.

I couldn't keep from feeling Ed was toying with us and keeping the score close . It looked like when they wanted to score they had no trouble marching strait through our defense and scoring. :-[ >:(

One of my many pet peeves
I’m left wondering , on 2nd and 2 or 3 yrds that we always try a swing pass instead of giving the ball to Gable.
That swing pass play on 2nd and short has not worked, the defence knows it’s coming, everybody knows its coming .
FFS! Give the ball to Gable, even if he is stopped short, we would be in a 3rd and short situation where Masoli would convert, these failures to convert 2nd and short passes are terrible drive killers.
If Gable gets stopped behind the line of scrimmage in that situation, it is not on Gable, it is on the Oline


Stats from the game are: Run plays Gable 3/28, Perkins 19/105. And Gable's top 2 (26 yds), were on the first series, then.....nothing. Why?????

3 carries - really, what kind of game plan is that? Especially when the first two were good for first downs. Gotta run the damn thing!!!!

I think like many that a good run game will help keep the pressure off Zach. The run game has to be done skillfully to keep the opposition guessing at what your next play will be. :slight_smile: