Hamilton at Calgary

No Game Thread?

Lovin' the snow, reminds me of playoff football!

Pretty sloppy game because of it thus far.

Snowy for sure... looks good!

Not sure who to cheer for, obviously I'd prefer the Ticats under normal circumstances, but a loss clinches a playoff berth for the Riders. A loss by Calgary means the Riders could still get a home playoff game (although it's very slim).

Tuned in for the second half; interesting game in the snow - 27-24 Calgary
Facemask penalty on Hamilton and a couple plays later Glenn is picked off...good finish on the agenda perhaps.

Calgary pinned at the 1 yard line after the punt; 2 point safety makes it a 27-26 Stampeder lead with 6 Min. left.

Only team in the league that has 4 more turnovers and looses

Refs were brilliant tonight as usual in assisting to a Hamilton loss.

Screw the cfl

Chase the dragon; Hamilton TD...2 pointer no can do. On side kick..Ti-Cat ball - 34-32 Calgary
Hamilton is in field goal range; Congi FG attempt botched....34-32 Calgary final

Oh man, what a heartbreaking loss for the Ti-Cats! Great game; tight to the end!

That's why you kick the field goal on second down in bad conditions.

:wink: But they'll blame the refs...

I feel for the Cats.
Wow, game of the year for sure.

Props to the Stampeders, they somehow manage to keep winning football games despite playing mistake filled football. Most teams lose games when they lose the turnover battle, but Calgary bucks that trend somehow. I don't think it's something you want to keep doing going into the playoffs, but it shows they don't get down on themselves easily.

Feel bad for Hamilton, but that's what can happen in that type of weather.