Hamilton at BC

It take less time to fly to Vancouver for the Als and REDBLACKS than it does to get to Hamilton for a game. Ottawa and Montreal have direct flights to Van but when both teams play in Hamilton they take the Train - 5 hours to Toronto with a one hour change of trains in TO and then the slow train to Hamilton. Of course it's the same long trip for the Ticats when they play in Ottawa and Montreal too.

The TiCats flew into MTL for their game

Hamilton Tiger-CatsVerified account ?@Ticats Oct 17
The #Ticats just touched down in la belle province ahead of Sunday’s clash w/ the @MTLAlouettes. Time to go to work!

Caretaker investing the Teams sellout profits into Charter flights? :thup:

What do you mean by "a normal 5 day practice schedule?" A "normal practice schedule," would be when a team plays on the same day of the week, in consecutive weeks. The Cats played on Sunday in Montreal. If they weren't scheduled again until the following Sunday, they would met for film and rundown on Monday, have a day off on Tuesday, practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then travel and/or hold the media walk-thru, at the game site, on Saturday. In this case, the team had only 2 days of practice -- Tuesday and Wednesday, and no full day off.

So will this be the official game day thread?

Apparently not. A new game-day thread just got started.