Hamilton at BC

I don’t get to many games . In fact only 4 since moving to BC in 90. But when i get the chance to see the cats from the hammer. I’m there. I have been a Cat fan since i resided in Hamilton . That was 1952. Moved in 90 to retire. My wife kept telling me to pick a better team. But i believe you don’t dump anything when their in a slump. So anyway. Long story short . I have never been on this site before so i thought it was about time i Said Hello and very well done so far this yr Tabbies. 3 more to go. 1st place and homefeild at the end of the road. I will be in the stand with my Ticats shirt and hat right behind the visitors bench. Good luck.

Welcome to the site Mike! :rockin:

Have a great time at the game, I have been to BC Place for a game, it is an awesome venue to watch a game!

Thanks for the welcome. I wil enjoy the game. Big trip back to the island,but if and when they win . It will be worth it.


Welcome to the Ticat forums and thanks for sticking with the team through thick and thin.

But back to more important topics: who do you think is going to win Friday's game and why?

Inho.The Cats have this one as long as the defence plays as well on 4 days rest as they have the rest of the yr

Sorry. That should have been IMHO. It is still early here. I have to say I do enjoy reading many of the posts about the Cats.

You'll find there are not many "humble" posters here, so INHO, as in: In No-ones Humble Opinion, might be actually more appropriate. :wink:

And you are right to focus on the 4 days rest thing. Only 4 days rest and then having to play at 10pm at night (Eastern time) gives the Lions a significant advantage.

I agree with that and wonder why at least SOME BC games vs eastern teams in Vancouver can't be played earlier in the day - say a 4 pm start (either Eastern or Pacific) to make it a slightly more even "playing field". I can't remember the last time the Ticats played on the west coast at a time earlier than a 10 pm Eastern start which is tough for fans too who want to watch the game too due to the late hour when games are finished. To the Ticats credit, while they haven't won many of those "late" games played in BC, they are usually close in score. This time it will be a WIN! :smiley:

As someone mentioned in another thread, the team is flying out this evening, which means they still have a full days practice today and a normal 5 day practice schedule. Yes it means a long day today but no practice disruption this week and the normal Friday walk through at the stadium, the extra day give the body clock a time to catch up.
Ottawa did the same thing a few weeks ago, the owner had the team fly out a day earlier than normal to combat the time difference and they ended up winning.

It's clearly an advantage for BC, however slight, that so many of their opponents have to play in games that are past their bedtime. I checked, and we are not the only Eastern team that drew that timeslot this year - Toronto and Montreal did as well. (Ottawa got a 4pm local start against BC.)

Then I checked to see if the West gets off any easier. Sask, Edm and Win all had to play at 10pm in BC, but of course that wouldn't be as arduous for them as the time difference is not as great. Sask and Cal got earlier games in BC.

In a perfect world, Eastern teams would get all the earlier starts to minimize the disadvantage. But of all the scheduling injustices in the CFL, such as playing on short rest, not playing a key divisional rival until November, or Toronto playing most of its games on the road (I'm shedding a tear right now), I don't think this one would rate in the top 10.



The Lions are going to have all of 18 hours more rest than the Tiger-Cats, it's laughable to even call that an advantage...

Long time fan, first time on forum. The BC time difference is a pet peeve. Have written the Commissioner’s office 3x over three years about this and never a reply. If Eastern teams have to play BC at 10 pm ET, why does BC always seem to play here at 4 or 7 ET? Why not have BC start out here at 1 ET? It may only be a small advantage, but it is still a home team advantage. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

I for one am glad the game is at 7 . That means I only have to leave my house on the island at noon to make the 3:15 ferry to van, then drive an her to get to watch the Cats beat BC ,then I get to spend another 7 hrs getting home so I can go to work in the morning. Lol

Wow. Similar travel time as it would take us to fly there and back from Ontario. No wonder you don't get to a lot of games.

Its 7 PM in BC........

And you will never see an NFL game from the West Coast start at 10PM eastern time, the networks wouldn't allow it, it's all about ratings.

Saw a tweet a short time ago that gave me the impression that the team might be flying out tonight. With any luck they might even catch a bit of shut eye on the plane. It certainly does give them extra time to adjust before playing Friday night, so that is all good. :smiley:

@Ex Pat - I've checked schedules in the past (not this season and before Ottawa returned) and noted that Montreal often seemed to be the benefactor of afternoon games and occasionally Toronto but never Hamilton. Would be nice to see a couple of eastern teams each season have the benefit of an afternoon game in BC, but yes - good point - there are many other scheduling injustices.

Actually it takes less time to fly from Mt hope airport to Van than it does for me to travel 75 km to get off this island and over to van.. But it will all be worth it to come home and gloat to all the lions fans in my hometown when our beloved Cats win.

BCMIKE....sometimes if I leave for Tim Hortons Field a tad late it takes me close to 10 minutes to get the stadium. That's why I leave a few minutes earlier than I should so my travel time is only 6 minutes!

As for the game...I believe Hamilton is better at most positions than B.C. Talent level is better across the board...Ticats by at least 10 points.

Good one catrich. You must live down the block from one. There is a Timmies on just about every corner in the Hammer. At least that is what it seemed like when I lived there . I was born and raised in the Hammer. Lived everywhere from Herkimer st to Arden ave on the beach strip. Went to school at Adelaide hoodless as we as Bell Cairne memorial. Visited Parksview trade school across from old Iverwin on Balsum. I know all about traffic in the Hammer when trying to get to Tims.