Hamilton 38 Buffalo 21. CFL wins.

No, it wasn't an accomplishment, just a curiosity. The AFL was in its infancy, they had only played one season-- 1960. It was essentially a sandlot league at that stage. The Tiger-Cats were headed to the Grey Cup game in 1961, the year the game was played. The Bills wanted the game, figuring they could replicate what the NFL had done in all of the NFL-CFL games played over the previous decade--- beat the CFL by a wide margin every game. It didn't work out that way, and so it didn't have Wilson's hoped for boost in credibility for is team and league. But to think of beating a sandlot team as an accomplishment is a bit of a stretch, even for devout Ticat fans.

Ancient history. I am old enough to actually have been alive when that happened and know there are no similarities between then and now

Hey jaybird24 I hear it from NFL fans all the time, most put down the league as not worth watching, so anytime I get a chance to come back on them I do it. The CFL was once referred to as a low level league by a U.S. network announcer, during a baseball game.As for the never no fun league tag I got that Joe Montford. Oh gee isn't he an American?

You just make yourself look foolish If all you have to brag about is a game 50 years ago you have nothing

You know, most of the time the CFL - NFL jousting is done in fun, both sides get a chuckle out of each other.Believe me I take ribbing from NFL fans all the time so I give back as good as I get.A little trash talking in fun isn't foolish, if it is a game from 50 years ago or the different size of the field , or rules, this will go on as long as there are two leagues, and so it should. :slight_smile:

Nope It makes you seem like the Leaf fan bragging about how the Leafs are better than everyone but Montreal because they won a bunch of Stanley Cups prior to 1967. And BTW, I'm a Leaf fan and you'll never hear me make such a silly statement

I'm with you Al, its all fun. Was just trying to create some excitment towards the NFL crowd and try and get them interested again at what is again a very entertaining league the CFL.
If it helped sell one ticket it was worth it.
Didn't mean to bend any noses out of joint.
Doc 8)

actually, i dont think its bragging as much as pride in ones team and the teams football history......its a nice story

tsk tsk.... lets make nice ....the memory of a game is indeed something...

i know lots of people who recall sporting events from their younger days... some of us just have to go that much further back... im certain if we asked who the best hockey player of all time is, the answers would be boxed in by one's fondest .. though not necessarily most accurate... memories

just like the gentle nudge i got from pat lynch about an earlier comment of mine to double blue.. and he is right... ted page and billy waite came from montreal and not edmonton in the riddell trade.. gerry mcdougall went to edmonton with cosentino in the same deal. (though page did get traded to the eskies in 1971)


Thanks for the update. I wasn't sure just who all played together back then, just that those guys were classed as Canadians even though they grew up in the States. I believe Garney Hendley, Joe Zugar and Tommy-Joe Coffey also became naturalized Canadians late in their career as well back then. Another player that comes to mind was a big (like Jesse Lumsden) RB Gerry McDougall who I believe was another one of those "Canadians" that grew up in the States as well. Left to play with the San Diego Chargers in 63 or 64.
Now that I think about it Bill Danychuk played guard with Chuck Walton ( who went on to have a good career with the Detoit Lions) so that would be later than the Ticat/Bills game.
I'm sure Angelo Mosca could rhyme off all the players from that game. It would be good to get a players view on that game. I'm sure anybody that played for the Bills back then can't remember a thing. :wink:

I hate to bring up an old post but was back reading thru them and thought i would bring up a correction ... the Ti-Cats were not the only team to play an american team

Aug 12th 1950 The New York Giants(27) vs Ottawa Rough Riders(6)

[url=http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_New_York_Giants_vs_Ottawa_Roughriders_1950.htm]http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_Ne ... s_1950.htm[/url]

Aug 5th 1961 Chicago Bears(34) vs Montreal Alouettes (16)

[url=http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_Chicago_Bears_vs_Montreal_Alouettes_1961.htm]http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_Ch ... s_1961.htm[/url]

Then on Aug 8th 1961 the Ticat Buffalo Bills game

actually there were 7 total games
The Americans won 6 of them

[url=http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/Candian_Football_League_vs_National_Football_League.htm]http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/Candian_Fo ... League.htm[/url]

Just setting the record straight .. the Ti-Cats have the proud honour of being the only Canadian team to beat the Americans
but overall the CFL lost the war i'm sad to say

NFL rules at the time allowed down field contact on receivers, yet these exhibition games are used to smear the CFL by pro NFL factions in Southern Ontario, thats why people who support CFL point out Tigercats win over the Bills , Besides It was probably not disputed that NFL teams were superior , But the games showed that the CFL could compete . Has it ever been questioned why Tobin Rote was replaced in the game? and the arg,s were making a comeback until their QB went down with career ending injury?

I'm for it. Four or five years in the league, and player becomes a non-import. The particulars might need ironing out, but the basic idea is good.

Instead of the squabbles over lowering the ratios, keep (or up) the ratios, but bring back the naturalization rules.

Except that it wasn’t an NFL team it was the old AFL league. The Bills were an expansion team that was at the bottom of the league and the Ticats were a power house, every player including all the CFL players had played 4 down football and the Bills had never played 3 down football. Lets just get over it!! You sound like a bunch of insecure Canadians (“ohhh woopee we beat the americans at something”) even though it was 50 years ago, frankly it gets embarrassing.

Jaybird, relax a win is a win is a win, doesn't matter if it was yesterday or a 100 yrs. ago. The fact is no one is gonna lose any sleep over it.