3 minutes left in the game :thup:

AHHHHHHHH I switch my pick :roll: :thdn:

great finish here. :thup:

EDMONTON ball , under 2 minutes to go!!!!!!!

1: 49 left. EDMONTON at their own 25. They need a T.D. to win!

: 50 seconds at the HAM 39 , 1st down EDMONTON.

HT do not get in an argument with yourself okay! :lol:



Hamilton is going to win the LOSER BOWL! Good game Tiger Cats!


I should have gone with my first call.Now on to B.C. @ MONTREAL!

A J GAAS is a bonehead! Starting fights at the end of the game dirtiest player in the league! Suspension should be coming up for that loser!

Eskimos did not get a Xmas present this week!

I can't avoid it. :lol:

I changed my V.G.C.C. pick.

Stupid me. :lol:

i noticed that :stuck_out_tongue: so far im 2 - 0 :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I picked Hamilton to win

So did I, I am 2 and 0 so far! Now if Montreal can win!

yay hamilton!!! YAYY!!!

I may have been on a mission to get a beer from the fridge(I haven't been able to trade my dog to do it for me yet) but I don't recall seeing Edmonton take their second half time out. Did anybody happen to notice if they did.

I don't think they did... but what difference would it make anyway? One knee, two knees.. it's a TiCat win either way. I'm so happy for Hamilton (and for myself, I made a bet with an Edmonton fan at work and he gave me a FOURTEEN point spread he was so confident. It'll hurt to see me next week. :twisted: ) actually being able to get some points on the board and make a game of this.. I thought Ricky was gonna do the same thing to them he did to us.. but a well timed bout of fumbleitis and I'm a happy guy.

Thank god for Hamilton...EE loses to the worst team in the league...TWICE!!!


Omg...just found out! :expressionless:

What is wrong with the world mama?...

If they had used their time out they would have got the ball back with about 20 seconds left.

So Maas gets the last laugh after all, ending the EE playoff streak. It'll be nice to finally see in my 20 years as a CFL fan a playoff WITHOUT the EE. Being 100% sure they WON'T win the Grey Cup is a great feeling.