Hamilton 2022 CFL Draft Picks

last pick and 8th round pick 73 HAM CIRAOLO-BROWN, JAXON UBC DB 6 190 1999-08-02

Hometown Boy as he went to Cathedral HS in Hamilton


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2nd Round: Anthony Federico, DL, Queen’s (17th)
4th Round: Kiondre Smith, WR, Guelph (37th)
5th Round: Jared Beeksma, LB, Guelph (46th)
6th Round: Khadeem Pierre, DB, Concordia (55th)
7th Round: Nicolas Guay, OL, Laval (64th)
8th Round: Jaxon Ciraolo-Brown, DB, UBC (73rd)


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What are the territorial picks? Some teams just get extra picks... for what reason?

The 2 worst teams in the previous season get bonus local guy picks at the end of the 2nd round; been this way a couple of years now ?

Ticats got some decent picks IMO for not having a lot of them or a 1st rounder.

K. Pierre is a 3 time Q all-star D-backfielder - got him in the 6th.

Nicholas Guay was a U Sport All-Canadian OG, from the top notch Laval program - 7th rounder ?


Started in 2019 according to Wikipedia.

Territorial exemptions[edit]

Beginning in 2019, the CFL announced the two teams with the highest waiver priority will each get to make one Territorial Draft Pick (to be used to select a player born within their territorial limits at the end of the second round). The two teams that qualified for the 2019 Draft were Montreal and Toronto and these picks were made with the 17th and 18th overall picks.[21]

This was the first time since 1984 that the league’s draft will feature territorial selections. From 1972 to 1982, each club had the right to pre-select two players from its region who would be exempted from the draft. That limit was reduced to one Draft exemption selection in 1983 and 1984, and then the practice was terminated altogether prior to the 1985 Canadian Draft.


Invitations went out to all season ticket holders a while ago.

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I think the Cats got the guy they really wanted @ 17 and I'm happy with the pre-draft trade and their picks. Also pleased with what I think is unusual for our club -- 5 of the 6 picks are Ontario boys


3DN has been busy with the draft the past couple of weeks. I don't see any sure-fire starters in this draft, so it makes sense to trade for a pair of Nationals with game experience. To me, it looks like a bunch of solid ST guys and developmental players.

Time will tell how things work out, but I don't see any real "prima donnas" (cough cough Chapman) with our picks.


Thanks for the answers. I guess the thinking is to help the worst teams with some extra picks, get better faster.

Its territorial part that's still odd. Why is it limited to the geographical area of the team?

If the 19th best player overall just so happens to be in a teams territory, they get to take him with that extra pick instead of the 19th best player being the 1st pick of the third round.

I might be a bit upset about that if i had 1st pick in 3rd round.

One of the issues with player retention is that a number of players drafted by a team tend to sign their first FA contract with their "local" team after being trained and developed by the team that drafted them for two years. This is an incentive for those "territorial" drafts to stay with the team that spent so much money and time on them.

Think about it - if Montreal drafts, say, an OP from SK, spends 2 years developing and training him, eventually earns a roster spot, and then says "Peace, out!" as soon as his rookie contract ends and he immediately signs with the Riders.

This has happened too often in the past, so teams -tended- to try and draft players close to home, and often that means that a superior player drops down in the draft (which could have salary implications).


GREAT read here

A CFL field is one gigantic rectangle but Anthony Federico sees a different geometric shape.

“How I got here is the most amazing circle,” said the 24-year-old defensive end from the Queen’s Golden Gaels, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ first pick in Tuesday night’s CFL Canadian draft, for which the Grey Cup finalists had to wait until late in the second round, at No. 17 overall.

“Growing up in Niagara Falls, Hamilton has always been my home team. My entire family is a football family and the Ticats were on our list for multiple games every season. I’ve been to so many games, even back when they were playing in Ivor Wynne Stadium,” Federico said.

“And before I went to Queen’s I played for the Hamilton Hurricanes for two years while I was going to Niagara College and the Ticats brought me in to be around the team near the end of the 2017 season. This is a dream come true.”


Does anyone have any names or information on players who've been deemed eligible for Thursday's supplemental draft? I can't find anything on it.

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Only two defensive lineman are available in the supplemental draft: J-Min Pelley and T.J. Rayam. You can be sure Edmonton will be getting Pelley.


Nice draft re-cap here


Josh Smith reminds us of another pre-draft trade for an OL seven years ago:

He states that Saxelid is a Game 1 starter at LT, and McDonald being a ST ace.


Saxelid and McDonald for Tre Ford and Peter Adjey sounds like a good trade to me.

I still can't figure out what Edmonton's game plan was for the draft. They also made the trade with Montreal for Carter O’Donnell who likely won't be in the CFL this year, if at all.


Jones used a 3rd round pick on a long-snapper; and then after drafted an O-Lineman with one game of college ball experience = laughable.