Hamdan Retires

Didn't see that one coming. I thought he would be in the mix for a starter role, maybe he realized he didn't have a chance.


i aint shocked, this is typical argoland drama, i remember people on the friends of the argos website hyping this guy up and kissing his butt, and now the dude just retires, well at least we dont have to listen to those people overhyping another washed up used nfl reject. Send the branagan kid to the practice roster, and keep bell, lemon and dorsey.

In other words he wasn't going to make the team. Potentially good news for Brannigan.
Cleo Lemon will end up being the starter though. After that, 3 guys for 2 spots.

I think Bell and Lemon will duke it out for starter, then Dorsey and Brannigan will try for 3rd/avoid the walking papers

Reminds me of some hotshot QB that came to Hamilton one year. . . can't remember the guy's name, but lots of Cats fans were singing his praises too, until he up and quit at the start of training camp. . . name was something Chase Clement I think. . .

Dorsey won't be a third stringer. Lemon and Dorsey will battle for starter role. Losers is cut. Bell is the backup and I hope Brannagan is the third stringer. Maybe Hamdan realized he wasn't going to win the starter role and bailed out now.

Or maybe he was tired of gearing up in an ATCO trailer....

......orrrrrrr ...he thought it was going to be 'cake-walk' up here, and got cold-feet....( and i know that's hard to do in T.O.s' weather as of late?????) :roll: :roll: Why did he bother even showing-up.. :roll:

yup, he's a mama's boy American who was scared of the Game and the Canadian weather and chickened out!

also likely cause he realized that he can't play anywhere else.

I think he saw the writing on the wall. Getting cut from a CFL rookie camp would not look good on his resume, so he beat them to the punch. The Argos were unlikely to carry 5 QB's to the main camp, so one had to go.

For political reasons Brannagan has a ticket to the main camp and the Argos brain-trust would look pretty stupid if they let Dalton Bell go so early...after trading for him this Spring. So that leaves the 3 ex-NFL'ers. Lemon and Dorsey have started games in the NFL, while Hamdan had completed two NFL passes...in 2003.

Perhaps Hamdan sensed he could be the odd man out and didn't feel like beating his brains out competing for a job, at a rookie camp...in the rain...and with a 5-figure base salary as the reward.

While I can see why Hamdan preemptively cut himself loose for reasons other than suiting up in a trailer, the Argos really do need to at least invest in a proper practice facility if they’re staying with Rogers Centre for game days.

I mean the Argos draft war room was shown nationally on TSN from their UTM trailer…Could they not have at least rented a boardroom space from an area hotel? The Argos can’t hope to expand their corporate sponsorship if their brand is seen to be run out of trailers.

Out of Missouri ...yet another hot shot Big 12 has-been who became failure in the CFL whom I did not know about.

Barker has stated that Brannagan is a longterm prospect, He will be the Starter in 2012.Of all the qb,s mentioned D.B has potential to sell tickets.

Wrong. Chase Clement played at Rice. MIssouri alumn Chase Daniel is currently the back-up to Drew Brees in New Orleans.

How about he realized it was time for him to move on in life ? Happens to all of us at some point.

And Chase Daniel is on the Riders neg list.

Ahh foiled again by Chase including that damn bank! :roll:

If Brannigan isn't top 3 in the depth chart then he'll likely come down with one of those mysterious toe injuries that QBs get that puts them on the 9 game IR for the entire season.

I don't think you realize how badly it hurts when you stub your toe...

I sure do, I did that 5 mins ago :?