Hamburgers or Hotdogs?

What kinda guy/gal are ya? do you go for the beer and hamburger, or beer and dog? I'm a hamburger guy myself, everything seems to taste better while watching a cfl game. especially the sweet sweet beer!

Burger me, baby! Nothing beats a bbq cheeseburger smothered in Bulls Eye Bold. . .

Good heavens. . .I can't believe I'm responding to a food poll. . . :lol:

do you get bulls eye at your home stadium?

is this like a food network poll......gotta go with a burger and can bbq the burger.....fry it.....broil it.....I don't care as long it's got plenty of fried onions and a little mayo....and a little k-up....well gotta go now ...heading for the kitchen.... :wink:

Nope - I hate “staduim” burgers. . .don’t touch 'em anymore. I’m talking my own. . .and they’re even better in front of a 'ball game.

Wow, First One To Cast My Vote For Hot Dogs. Good Topic. At The Risk Of Sounding Gay I Love Hot Dogs. Gotta Have Ketsup, Relish, Onions, Mayo, And The Bacon Bits. Now That's A Good Vendor Dog.

Neither, I always have a bag of sunflower seeds w/ me!

hmm hamburgers have a healthy, and delicious lead!

I usually don't do either. I pretty much ALWAYS get a big vat of popcorn during the game though.

Hate the stadium food at BC place. However if I'm at home watching, its Bar-B-que Burgers and Beer.

There must be more fans of hotdogs than just one! where is eskschamps05 or whatever his name is, i have a feeling he likes weiners.

Don't you mean BILLY_SOUP?LOL

That was a low blow.Sorry Billy.
You probably eat chicken.Why?You are what you eat.LOL

lol ouch, wait if you are what you eat, that makes me Mr.Big. Hmmm, yep, sure does suit this Esks fan!

I guess that would mean I eat nerds 8)

Billy is a nerd.LOL
As for you Goesksgo. You are sort of right.My husband is a Eskie fan.You however would be a cocktail weenie.LOL
Just kidding,I love you eskie fans!!!!

And in my case, I'd end up eating Belly Flops: those imperfect Jelly Bellys.

Question is tho, if you do decide to eat burgers before or at a game, would any of them be... wait for it... RANCH!?!

I'd have to go with my favorite - rye and coke with a black licorice for a straw....try it!! And then on the side, sunflower seeds...

Phh, well, ummm, you have bad posture! take that! lol on eating the nerds. at least its not juicy fruit!

You have not tried the new burgers at McMahon!