Ham@Wpg., Sunday Nov. 8th - Predictions

I predict we're going to give the kitty cats a bath on Sunday and their going to cry during the entire bath.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aOMpA8YSmg&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aOMpA8Y ... re=related[/url]

Ticats by a whole bunch to very little :thup:

I predict the Bombers will stink...............oh wait they already do :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

A last second McDaniel kick return for TD to win by 1 point after a Setta conversion would do nicely :smiley:

Cats by 3

HAM - 33 WPG - 30

On Sunday WPG will put duct tape on the bottom of your paws...

And cut off your whiskers.

PS. Don't forget about last game, how WPG dominated, until taking their foot off the throat.

Go Bombers, 2 straight weeks of WPG vs HAM please....

I predict Bishop will complete more passes to spectators then receivers, Mike Kelly will pull out all his hair and throw a temper tantrum in the post game media scrum, Doug Brown will whine about not having enough hot water for his shower, Troy Westwood will retire, Chris Walby will consider making a comeback and the nearest professional sporting event to Winnipeg will be a Minnesota Wild hockey game.

When I think back to the Trimble-Grant rivalries, it is sad to reflect on the recent calibre of both these teams. That said, at least Hamilton is on the way up, WAY UP.
Sunday's game will be a blowout.



How is your life under the bridge going these days? Scare many children?

I don’t think he scares anybody. . . he’s a self-confessed “nobody”, after all.

To the topic at hand. . . I find this one really hard to predict. I hope Wilf is right. . . but I am not so sure. . .regardless of what one may think about Bishop and/or Kelly, the fact remains that Winnipeg’s defence is pretty darn good, which would tend to make me think a blowout unlikely. . . but on the other hand, if their ‘D’ is on the field all day and gets worn down. . .

Glenn has something to prove and he's on a roll. Our defensive line is coming on strong and Bishop tends to throw interceptions when he is pressured. Glenn, Bruce, Stala and McDaniel will light it up and open our running game. I am finally very optimistic about the upcoming game. Hamilton wins by two TDs.

30-7 Ticats

Bishop with a sore hammy and the desperation that the Bombers have, they will choke. They will be uptight and will take a while to get rolling.

I predict that you need to learn the difference between “their”, “there” and “THEY’RE”, but I’m sure that’s not your biggest issue.

As for the game, I predict that Mr. Hickman and Mr. Long and probably Mr. McIntyre and Mr. Floyd are all going to become very familiar with Mr. Bishop. I predict at least 3 picks probably by Tisdale, Bradley and maybe Thompson (he hasn’t had too many this year). In other words, our D is going to destroy your pathetic excuse for an offense and Mr. Glenn is going to leave the field with a smile and show the same class he showed last time he kicked Bomber ass.

You guys are calling for a blowout !!!! :lol:

Even with all the Bomber injuries, I can't see Hammy blowing out anybody, good luck though.

I think this is going to be an ultra-tight one. I'm going to say Ticats by 3.
Winnipeg will be jacked up for this one, but Mike Kelly will probably make someone on his team cry and mistakes will be made.

Plus, Kelly has been a poster boy for bad Karma -- hopefully this will result in him leaving the field under a chorus of boos and steady rain of garbage.

Dont forget how we beat you guys the first game!! Glenn is coming back to haunt you in your own digs!! After that I suspect we wont be hearing from you and Nobody in a while :smiley:

My prediction is this is going to be the most entertaining game of year for the league but in the end;
Ticats -> go to a home playoff game.
Bombers -> go home to watch our playoff game.

Eat'em raw boys!!! :rockin:

Hamilton by one (1)

oh, let's say, 32-31 :cowboy:

I know the difference, but I could care less about making sure I type it out correctly as it makes no difference in the world as we know it. Thanks though! :wink: