Ham/Win (Final game)

I thought I saw earlier in the week they'll start Burris. I would expect it to be like an exhibition game though, get Burris some reps, then Lefevour, and maybe even Masoli. Curious to see if they pull out that wildcat package with Masoli again or save it for the playoffs if need be. It was effective for them last game but why show off what you have in a meaningless game.

A minimum of 10 Tiger-Cats players who played last week won't play tomorrow; these 10 players,mainly on defence are:
IMP LB Jamal Johnson
IMP LB Brandon Isaac
IMP LB Simon Lawrence
IMP DB Rico Murray
IMP DB Eva McCollough
IMP DB Emanuel Davis
IMP RB C.J. Gable
IMP SB Bakari Grant
IMP Ot Marc Dile
NIP G Greg Wojt

Eight players who were on last week practice roster are on current active roster. The Tiger-Cats have presently 22 players on injured lists,including 13 on 1 game injured list.