Ham/Win (Final game)

Hall has miraculously recovered and will start for the Bombers. Hamilton resting many starters but still open as 2 point favourites.

Win or lose just rough them up :lol:

....Well we would rough them up IF we had a team that could do it.....According to Burke some players have bolted ....Guess they took their last cheque and headed for the hills, probably thinking they will not be asked back next year..(and after this they better not)...Kind of gives a signal about how deep the house cleaning is going to go...Anyway we'll field a team of sorts against hammy, making sure we secure the second overall pick in the draft :wink:

Say what?

.....His words.....'bolted'.....added that they've checked out for quite awhile now...He didn't name names BUT it sure puts a sorry end to this sorry season... :thdn:

You sure ? I interpreted his comments on his abbreviated show as to mean that they shown by their lack of effort and professionalism that he would not play them this weekend. I think that is a great decision on his part. Any GM will look at which starters are being scratched for this game and be very hesitant to extend them a nice offer come free agency.

...When someone says that someone has 'bolted' ...I interpret it to be ,,,,ran off...left in a big hurry...If this is just Burke confusing his words and description of his 'lost' players...don't know...You'll have to ask Tim if players have physically left town ..(could be?? nobody has cleared this up or knows for sure)...Is it that the pr guys have joined Simpson and packed it in for the season and gone home?... In any event IF players have bolted...we may never get the names and could care less if they ever come back.... :roll:

Wouldn't reporters notice by watching practice ???

The comments from Burke this week that I saw used the words checked out and showed their true colours. I haven't seen the word bolted directly from Burke this week, but is has been used by other people commenting on the issue in other chat rooms and discussion pages. Simpson bolted town a while ago. He was done for the year and didn't want to stick around, perhaps this is one player the bolted comment referred to. I don't believe there is a player that has played in recent weeks that has voluntarily gone home. This weeks comments I think referred to some guys not giving full effort on the field and just going through the motions, giving up on plays when the play gets passed them.

The question though is if they have enough players available to them to sit these guys. There's word coming out now that Hall may in fact not be able to go this week after they though he would be healed up enough. TE and MSW are out at receiver. January I think was questionable on the Oline. We'll have to wait until TC to see Neufeld since he's out. A PR RB Mario Fannin is supposed to dress. On D, Mainor is a ?, Peach and newcomer McAdoo are out as far as the Dline. Dunn is a ?. If we start sitting some non injured players, we'll be reaching deep into the PR.

But I'd have to agree with something HfxTc said about the reporters. Suspiciously, other than Fannin, there really hasn't been much comment from the media on personnel changes observed during practice, other than guys sitting out because of injury or illness. I would've expected that guys who are playing would be getting more reps at the start of the week and they would've noticed by now. Maybe the media have checked out too.

I'm guessing it won't be much of a game on the entertainment end....The Cats will field their back-ups and god only knows who will suit up for the B.B.'s. It will be more akin to a pre-season affair than a regular game and will most likely be as exciting as watching paint dry.All I have to say to you die-hard B.B. fans is as a veteran of many a crummy Cat season...chin up,after Saturday you can put this disaster of a season behind you,forget about it,things can only get better,certainly can't get any worse.IMO I can see a most likely 3/4 roster change of new players next year,but bear in mind you have in my opinion at least 10-12 players who can be the building blocks for the future......and last ,but ,not least.......you got the NHL and the Jets to cheer for.....which is more than we got in the hammer :cry:
Cheers!!!!See Ya All on Saturday!!!!! :slight_smile: :thup:

Hopefully we see some up and coming talent for both sides if nothing else.

Good luck in the playoffs bobo.

Wouldn't reporters notice by watching practice ???
....I guess someone could do a head count at the game to see who is actually still with the team...A lot of players are out of the line-up for the last game BUT it shouldn't be that hard to get a handle on who's here and who isn't...The original quote from Burke was 'bolted' in the freep....Now was that a reporter putting words in his mouth..that is up for conjecture....Anyway it's a last kick at the can for a few of these players...They'd be advised to make the most of it... :wink:

....Yes bobo...good luck the rest of the way....I hope you guys won't be clowning around...(oooooo that one was sooo bad)...I need some new material now that the Bomber 2013 circus is starting to fold it's tent...I look forward to your pic/posts the rest of the year...At least I found some humour on the site this year, with regard to your take...(except for the Andy Griffith Show) :lol: :lol:

I had a talking robot as a kid that use to whistle the Andy Griffith theme. Annoyed the hell out of me. I can still whistle the damn thing :cowboy:

You know bobo, I have to admit I was wrong about you. I thought you were one of the crew that only comes on here when there is bad news to gossip about. Sorry about that..... I think the game will be decent, mostly guys who are looking to show their worth, on both teams. Now that Winnipeg is out of it, I'll be cheering for Ham. in the east. I'd enjoy seeing them take some glitter away from the darling teams. In the west I'll be cheering for Cal. Cheers

It has been a while since the Ticats made it to the Grey Cup game - 1999 I think? Last year was a bit of a feel good with Toronto playing at home, would be good to see them in the big game. The only hesitation with regards to the Ticats is Austin. Although he’s a good coach I’m not a fan of his personally. Montreal has come a long way since the beginning of the season, they’ve made the Hawkins mini-era seem like it was a year ago, but not quite good enough yet I think. And the argos, something just feels off. Door is open for the Ticats if they can get some consistent play. And getting Ellingson back won’t hurt them either, guy was having a great first year before he got hurt.


Barney and Andy say....GO CATS GO!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanx Guys :thup: :thup: Leave it to a guy called BoBo to start the scandal of the season :lol: :oops: :roll: Good luck in 2014!!!! Kick some Western Butt next year.......Go Jets Go!!!! Sounds weird saying this being a Cat fan but I really don't care who wins on Saturday...as long as it's either the Cats or the B.B.'s :lol: :slight_smile:

......Good ol Barney Fife....I always got a kick out of him when his gun belt used to fall around his ankles and he'd say....' Just gimme a bullet Andy' :lol: :lol: ...I miss that kind of comedy... Glad to see they're Cat fans...Oh the good old days of television..

Of course the Bombers have done ZERO, in trying to at least say sorry, to our loyal fan base. It Should be half off, everything at Sat. game. Any kid under 13 , should get in for free. But marketing is a huge fail for this organization . Hopefully they put the Hawks Jets game on the scoreboard at IGF on Sat !

The Ticats just announced that they are sitting many starters for this Bomber game, including Gable, Fantuz, all three starting linebackers, and DB's Evan McCulough and Rico Murray. Not sure about Burris.