What the hell is up with that? The ball should clearly be Hamilton's, after the fumble(TSN commentators seem to agree as well). Yet there is no "audio" for the replay????WTF? Get rid of this "instant replay system" which is complete bush IMO, as the refs have not been trained to use it properley and now there are "technical difficulties" arising during the middle of a football game. Even more reason for CFL bashers to call the league bush.

whew... sorry just had to vent a little, I'm a bit pissed off about some stuff right now...

Yeah that's a complete joke. to review a play all you have to do is SEE the play. I love my CFL but this whole replay thing is a complete joke.

The ref need to be able to speak to the booth to ask to stop the play rewind go forward frame by frame.

Getting rid of it all together is not the way to go!

there better be an investigation into why the mysterious technical difficulty occurred in the winnipeg stadium to winnipegs benifit.

Who cut the string and cup?

that's a bad call on Hudson

If you are refering to the holding.....I agree!

That was pretty funny, its a canad inn stadium conspiracy!

No wonder it's been hard to get a IR right. Not only do they have to see the pay, they must also hear what is happening... Just joking.

Has the league not heard of cell phones or even walkie talkies as a backup? Maybe next game....

Just to think they will host the Grey Cup game! But I am sure the good people in Winnipeg will have it right for the big game!

One can only hope. All of us wouldn't want the league to be embarassed in the big game.

ya that was pretty funny. from the replay at the game looked like they got the call right

For the big game we are already working on a new tin can/string back-up system. Our biggest problem right now is the green gophers keep getting caught on the string.

Not sure the call was right. No real effect.

No way!

That was Hamilton's ball all the way. Wpg didnt touch the ball until it was out of bounds

Well the play is over and really it does not matter now! Remeber those striped guys are human and may make mistakes. But that is part of the game.

re -Well the play is over and really it does not matter now! Remeber those striped guys are human and may make mistakes. But that is part of the game.


you mean....they are NOT human :o

This is the first year of video replay. Of course there is going to be growing pains. It'll get better as they use it more and work out the kinks.

It seems to me like just about everyone wanted an NFL Challenge type of thing. Now that we got one in the CFL, ppl are alreay getting Pissed off about it. There are obviously gonna be growing pains. Its just gonna take time. And at the end of the day, there are always mistakes made anyways. The call depends on what the Ref sees, or what rule he apllies to w.e scenario happens...