Ham vs Win Grey Cup Predictions

And then there were two…

It’s been a 35 years since these teams last met in the Grey Cup and 54 years since Hamilton’s last Grey Cup victory against Winnipeg which ended a 13 year period ('53 - '65) wherein these two teams played 7 head to head matchups in the final game of the year.

The Bombers hold a 5-3 advantage over the Cats in those 8 contests.

I have to imagine the Ticats will be favoured by at least a touchdown in this one.

I think we have the potential for a pretty decisive victory in this one. The defenses will be front and center in this game.

Ham - 30

Win - 17

This is our year, no excuses, just smash mouth football between the 2 most dynamic Defenses in the league. Our high flying Offense will be the difference


Collaros sure had a fire in his belly against his former team, and you can be sure that fire will be even hotter against the Ticats. I predict a good game, and a Hamilton victory.

Funny that these are the two teams with the longest Grey Cup droughts. 20 years for Hamilton and 29 for Winnipeg.

Winnipeg’s defense ends at their front 7 the DBs can’t cover our receivers. Look for a lot of max protection packages and open receivers down field.
Ham 36
Peg 19

Not ready to make a sound prediction.

Celebrating the Riders loss still.

Can’t believe we beat Harris. It’s going to take a few days to process.

Damn, I wish there was a slow hand clap emoji here…

Perfect time to pull that puppy out

Only monkey left on their back is to win at McMahon Stadium. That will kill two monkeys in one shot.

It’ll be a theme until Wed or so.

Then the narrative will switch to Collaros scenarois

Yes, me as well. What were they thinking inside the 10-yard line today? Should shut Suitor up for awhile. Oh, who am I kidding. All that we are going to hear all week leading up to the game is about the Lawrence hit on Collaros.


And a big healthy dose of ATOADASO , ATOADASO !!!

LOL, Thank you Bobo

I knew you’d come through!

One more monkey left, beating BLM.
Speaking of Monkeys, its about time we created some of our own…

  1. EE have not beaten us in 2 years.
  2. Lets keep the one on the BB going next week.
  3. Ottawa
  4. Argos
  5. BC
    Hope there are some more…

I will predict as week goes on.

Agreed yet he seems far from polished with so few meaningful starts as of late.

We confuse with different looks +upfront pressure = ZC gets overwhelmed real quick.

O’Shea is a real trickster though. The game film better wear thin.

Pretty sure the press predicted a Winnipeg-Hamilton final with Winnipeg winning the Grey Cup.
It’s going to be a great game! Let’s go Hamilton!

Hamilton 30
Winnipeg 27

Oh, here is the link below:

Hamilton of course.

Ticats 35
Bombers 17

Oskee wee wee

The morning after (the EF) and it’s a very busy day on Melrose and Sherman. A lot to decide, and do, with not much time, in which, to do it all. Like … What colour pants should they pack?
Not sure I want to make a prediction until that question is answered. ???

Black pants. I believe we are the home team. All black !!

There was a long time when the “home” team designation alternated, East & West. But, in more recent years, I believe since 2006, the “home” team has been the team representing the division, where the game is played. So, the Cats will, once again, I’m pretty sure be the Grey Cup visiting team.

West host city. West is home team.