Ham vs Tor Predictions

Predict the score!

Win #15 will have to come from the strength of our depth players.
The crowd will be hungry for a win against the Argos and I think our D will need to lead the way.
Maybe our backup QBs will show that Evans isn’t the only quality backup on this team.

While it may be a close game, I think the home crowd will turn the tide into our favour.

Ham 24

Tor 18

Here’s hoping we can add one more win to this already historic regular season, go a perfect 9-0 at home and set a new record for win percentage!


It’s supposed to be a cool [+8], dry evening; good for football. The blew team is playing for pride and next year’s jobs; they will be intense.
Cats will be relaxed, but many playing also for next year starting positions.
Jumping up and down screaming fans will be the determining factor.
Cats in a close one 40-37

The Leaky Boatmen will be out to lay a hurt on us, but we should be able to shed there efforts while using a healthy amount of backup players. ;D 8)

Ham 42

Tor 17

Ham 17 TOR 10

Thanks Grover for the depth chart . I’ll be watching the OLine to see how Gibbon, Golding, Okafor, and Tate perform .

On the D I’m anxious to see how McGough, Mauldin, Moore, and Beverette play .

QBs Hayden Moore and Watford should be an interesting watch .

I predict a Cat win in a close game . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( 15 - 3 has a nice ring to it )

Looks like a mix of regulars and depth for both teams. Missing Addison and Banks will slow the Cat’s quick strike game, but Tasker and Acklin will be good for possession. Some changes to the O-line and the absence of Sutton might increase QB pressure, unless Marshall can get rolling early.

My head is telling me that Toronto might be able to pull off the upset, but my heart will never accept that. Going with a low scoring squeaker, Hamilton 23 - 21.

I’m going to try really, really hard to not look at the scoreboard (sigh!)

My prediction: A somewhat low energy game that will struggle to give value for the high price of admission.

Tiger Cats 23

Losers to Crossover 18

(excludes all last minute scoring)

Ticats WIN - OF COURSE!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I’m sure the black and gold starters are better than whatever the leaky boatmen choose to put on the field - BECAUSE our guys have superior coaching!

This game is basically a preseason game so I think the Argos may have the edge, especially since our projected starting QB has had very few reps. The Argos did win the preseason game here back in June and I think this one could be similar but probably with a lower score than the 30-23 game we saw back then.

Moore threw some very nice passes in the pre-season game against Ottawa. He had only been here a few weeks at that point. Since then he has had 5 months to learn the offence and get some 2nd string practice reps. He might come out with some jitters for the first couple of drives but once he settles in he should tear the Argo’s secondary apart. The only minor concern I have is whether the O-Line substitutes can give him enough time in the pocket.

24-14 Hammy

Looks like the gas has gone out of Tiger Cat fans for this forum. 7 hours until and only 12 enthusiastic replies to today’s game prediction thread.

Forum burnout?

likely due to the meaningless game.

I’m pumped for the game, like I always am.

But my wife, who is often more energetic than I am, seems to be “having just another day”.

Game Day in our house is usually a little more lively.

Oh, I think the score will be 75 - 0 Hamilton. :slight_smile:

We are resting for the playoffs

I predict the good ol Ticats 30, Toronto 14

Anytime we get a chance to sweep the Blue team, It’s a cause for celebration. A chance to go 15-3 on the season ??


Should be interesting…I say Ham 35 Argos 27

Wasn’t expecting this to be a high scoring game but after the results between the larks and OTTRBs last night - a combined score of 72 i think or something in that range, I think this game might follow suit.
I see most of the D secondary will be on the field and a number of offensive players who’ve had various amounts of playing time this season. I’ll be interested to see how the OL hold up (as mentioned by one other poster) but as I said in my earlier post, I think the Ticats do have superior coaching so whoever they put out on the field will be well prepared to play well and play to win. TO will be playing some of their prospects too. I’ll predict a score of 32-20 for the good guys of course!
And I’ll be at the game cheering them on.

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