Ham vs Sask Predictions

Predict the score!

Should be a particularly hostile environment this week In Riderville.

I’m really hoping Evans is able to put together a couple of solid TD drives against that Sask D.

If our D can get to Fajardo early and often, we will likely win and by a decent margin.

Should be an entertaining game.

I predict:

Ham 26

Sask 17

I think our D - if they play like they did vs Winnipeg - is better so I expect more of a defensive battle than a high scoring game. 22-21 Ticats. I think they can pull it off in the hostile environment that is Mosaic.

Cats 28 Riders 14. Mike Jones scores two, defence picks off four Fajardo passes. Tasker finally gets untracked for second down conversions.

Come on Fajardo throw it to Breaux.

  1. Delvin’s due a pick 6!

This is going to be a throw away game for Evans. ST or D for cats will provide a TD.

Riders have be getting better.

Riders - 23
Cats - 19

cats over riders 19 - 12

Agree. Riders are looking good. Dane will likely have challenges with the noise. I just hope we don’t get blown out.

Ti-Cats 31 Riders 17.


If we stop the Rider running attack, we win . If the Riders run like the Als did in Monreal, we lose .

I’m going with our D . Cats 22 Riders 14

Pat Lynch (not Carnac the Magnificent)

The D seems to have taken Stanback’s performance against them to heart, because they’ve played lights out ever since.

The Riders are looking good ?? How so ?? Their 3 wins this season have come against BC and Toronto with a combined record of 1 - 12 . Let’s not get carried away here . We may very well lose this one BUT if we do I can guarantee you it won’t be by a blowout score . Trust me…it ain’t gonna happen .

An equally CFL inexperienced back-up QB, Nick Arbuckle, also had his first start, this season, for one of the league’s top teams, playing in Regina. His team won, convincingly. Then, he lost in a close one here, and since has won vs. TOR and, by a single point, @OTT. I have hope, and reasonable expectation, that Evans can have comparable success in his first 4 starts. In addition to the Riders, it looks like Dane will have some wind, a 40% chance of strong thunderstorms and, guaranteed, a lot of noise to contend with.

I’ll take Sask at home to cover the -2.5 spread.

We also haven’t blown the lights out playing the elite teams in league ( other than Winnipeg)! I recall that after we beat Toronto and then a poor Montreal team early in season and then BC, we were Grey Cup bound!
Point is, Sask is a good team and without our starting QB, we are going to have a difficult time beating them especially in hostile Mosaic! Close game but we will lose this one.

No Speedy, he is on the 1 game. Wish they would give us updates on why etc, its irritating not knowing seeing he was fine at the end of last weeks game.

Looks like Rolle won his job back, he’s has been lights out lately. I hope he brings it against Sask

With the line-up changes now available, if the Cats can even keep this close, never mind win, I’ll be impressed and content.

We saw what happened to this team when Speedy got hurt last year. Now with Masoli out as well. We’ve got our work cut out.

If we get all the breaks we got in the last two games, we have a good chance of winning.

Cats will struggle to score 19 points. Winning tonight will depend heavily on good defense again tonight.