Ham vs Sask Analysis

The Headline:

Kory Who? Allen Runs over Ti-Cats

The Reality:

Riders o-line dominated with a capital DOMINATED the point of attack. Well over 100 of those 150 rush yards were very common yards. Don't get me wrong, Allen played decent, but I doubt very much that the outcome would have been much different if Sheets/Cates/Toston or ANY OTHER RB carried the rock today.

The Headline:

Relentless Pressure Produces 10 QB Sacks

The Reality:

At least 7 or 8 of those were coverage sacks. Again, don't get me wrong, the whole front 7 played well, but each sack looked like a reply of the one before: Collaros looks ... looks ... steps up ... still can't find a target ... 3-4 even 5 seconds sometimes before finally pulling it down, but it's too late. It's a shame that tv cameras don't show you what he's looking at down field, but when you hold the ball that long SOMEONE is going to get you. I'm sure on a couple of them he probably missed someone coming back open, but I bet the coverage was about as blanket as you'll ever see in this league. I must praise the d-line though for their discipline in controlling the pocket. The ends kept contain and when Collaros tried to step up the interior held the middle so he had nowhere to go. This is textbook stuff and yes the d-line did a great job but that is TEAM defense from front to back. If the coverage breaks down the Riders only get 2 or 3 sacks today.

Same could be said about pretty much any running back that has enjoyed success. The accomplishments of Sheets and Cornish wouldn't be as impressive if it wasn't for their o-line. That being said, there were several runs today where Allen was carrying 3-4 of the defence on his back while gaining more yards.

And that's what I've been saying over and over about running backs in the CFL (or even NFL) for years and usually I get a dozen responses telling me I'm full of poop.

I thought Allen played decent. I thought he was plug-n-play ordinary. Basically he played pretty well but he showed me nothing that 50 other backs out there couldn't do.

As far as the sacks go, Collaros on the vast majority of those sacks never got a chance to look past his first read. Only two were around 5 seconds from the snap of the ball (in most of them he was down at 3 seconds). In contrast, DD enjoyed all kinds of time when he was passing. There aren't too many times where a sack takes place under 3 seconds post snap unless it is a quick crossing route ( or unless you are Buck Pierce and Butler is on the field). I think Ricky Ray is pretty much the only QB in the CFL that can get the ball away within a second or two on a consistent basis which is why his slow feet are not a concern most of the time.


The first one was Hurl shooting the gap on the blitz, and the one by George powering through for sure Collaros had no chance, but he has at least 3 steamboats on 6 or 7 of those. Now I think Hamilton's o-line could definitely have played better, but I won't say that they were horrible the way that the Hamilton forum is drawing and quartering them right now. If you give your QB 3 seconds to throw the ball more often than not you say the oline is doing pretty good. 2½ seconds is the goal on any non-long bomb play. What the Riders front did an absolute masterful job of however was controlling the pocket. When Collaros did decide to tuck it down he had nowhere to go.

Headline: Riders win.

Reality: Riders win.

Most of those so-called "coverage" sacks, where he had ample time to get the ball away, he spent two or three of those seconds watching for the D-line and anticipating the hit. That's a result of a young quarterback having pressure in his face all day. And a few times he tried to scramble and ran into one of his lead-footed blockers.

The ten sacks were less a statement about Saskatchewan's defence than about Hamilton's O-line. Last week, John Salavantis from CHML pointed out that during the game against the Argos, when the "first-string" offensive line was on the field, they were allowing pressure right off the snap of the ball on almost every play. So if the Riders' domination was due to their ability, then the Argos defence must be at least as good. (You remember the Argo defence...the one that allowed 45 points against Winnipeg?)

Considering how long they were on the field, Hamilton's defence did not that bad, allowing just 31 points. They had some discipline problems, taking far too many roughing penalties that extended drives. But those can be easily fixed. But building a unit like the offensive line takes time, and until they get it done, this is going to be a l-o-n-g season.


I agree, but I will also add that the secondary was pretty amazing...as you said, coverage sacks. Collaros did a lot of back stepping, and will learn to chuck it away in time...I believe he is that type of player. It is a young QB in really bad weather...this was a rough way for him to start the season. I do think the Rider DL looked good though...the biggest thing they did was stop the run in combination with the Riders getting points and forcing the Cats into pass-only...once that hapened in this weather, it was tough. When Zack did 3 step drops and unloaded he looked great, they simply are not ready to go for so many deeper routes

That is a key point and makes me look squarely at Austin and wonder what he was thinking yesterday. You have a young QB who can't get to or through his reads, Oline is struggling in protection, rain and wind. The playcalling to me by the Ticats coaching staff was mindboggling. Totally abandoned the run early, even before Gable got hurt. The backup Madu had only 1 carry. Why carry him on the roster if they don't trust him to give the ball to. No much in the way of plays to allow Collaros to get the ball out quick and try beat the rush. Game is out of reach and they stubbornly kept Collaros in trying to push the ball upfield letting him get crushed. Why you don't pull him and put in either Lefevour or Masoli to preserve your starter is beyond me, at least the 4th quarter. I'm not exactly sure what he thinks he gained by having Collaros go the distance and take that many sacks and solid hits and risking injuring his starter in the first game of the season.

Completely agree with wolverine and Prairiedog. Hamilton was out coached badly, had no answers, and showed they were not ready for the game. Austin seemed to have zero game plan for the weather and put collaros in an unfair situation. Hamilton's o-line looked awful, couldn't block anything. Riders D looked very solid though, especially upfront. As far as the RB Allen, he had HUGE holes to run through all day! I think Picard could have been put in as RB and gained 100 yard! The riders have the best o-line so any running back they plug in will have success. Ill admit I am bias, but to me Grigsby had the most impressive week 1 , often having to elude a defender or two in the backfield. That being said, Allen did show good vision and strength. Hate to say it but looks like business as usual for the riders! Looking forward to my bombers giving them a run for there money in the west this year, hopefully!

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.....Besides the bad coaching on behalf of the cats bench, that o line was to put it bluntly , pathetic...AND believe me we know what pathetic looks like when we look at last years Bomber performance...Austin better be on the hotline looking for help or Collaros is going to look like hamburger shortly and his confidence will be shattered.... I wonder if Collaros' odd delivery style on his throws costs him some time...It definitely has to affect the ball getting to the receiver in a timely fashion and sometimes that's all those hungry d line guys need, to start an eating frenzy.. I agree with wolverine that the cats run game should have been front and centre...throwing into that monsoon or throwing with it, for that matter ,was a bad choice...Can't take anything away from the riders...they were playing in that rain-filled gale as well..Their coach and qb. just knew how to handle it better.... :wink:

Great game Riders you controlled the game and won on booth sides of the Ball, good to see that with the players you lost from last years Grey Cup Champs that you are still as strong and tough to beat.

I have to agree with the broadcasters yesterday, what a great turnout by your fans considering the amount of rain and flooding in your area and around the stadium, I hope you get control of your flooding situation and wish you some dry weather soon so you won't have to park the canoe or kayak at the gate next time.

Even with the rain it was still exciting to be there; I'll admit it was starting to get tiring by the end of the game though, especially as things started to settle out at the end, but it was a more balanced attack on the whole than I was expecting considering the rain/wind.

And things are slowly calming... although it's been raining off and on all day today too. We're still under an advisory to use as little water as possible to not stress the system even more (since it's been running at 100% since yesterday). We could definitely do with a week of hot, hot sun to dry out, but that would probably just bring on thunderstorms...

Headline: Riders Win

Reality: Ti-Cats stuck in Hamilton
Proulx and his merry band of idiots stuck in a Colorado head shop
The Riders show up and win easy.

Had Hamilton showed up the Riders still would have won, but the Cats might have made them work for it.
Had Proulx and his "crew" showed up the Riders still would have won, but the game might have had some flow and been somewhat entertaining.

Bottom Line: Riders deserved the win.

Yeah, I have to agree. The Proulx crew was particularly brutal this game. Taking nothing away from Sask, they well deserved to win, but there was a LOT of bad calls (and not just on Hamilton's side) especially in regards to holding not getting called, phantom holding getting called and very chincy roughing the passer calls.

It was so bad I gave up a few minutes before the half. That second quarter had a flag on more plays than didn't. Proulx has the worst crews in the league, don't understand how this guy gets re hired by the league every year. If Proulx is the standard of excellence in CFL officiating it's no wonder they included PI as a reviewable call.

Proulx was just giving fans what they wanted to see. After all, everyone that bought tickets was there to see him, weren't they?

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Well played.