Ham vs Peg - who will emerge the stars

Don't care about the score. We already know who will win. :smiley: What I want to get on record from everyone is who you think will come out of this game as the stars.
I'm predicting big big games from Bruce and Glenn. After the last game performances by McDaniel and Stala, I think Peg defenders are going to have to give them a lot more respect. That will open the door for Bruce to have an outstanding game.
On the other side of the ball, I think Justin Hickman will be seeing a lot of Bishop's jersey. you gotta love the Hick...man. :slight_smile:

My guess is that the game star for the Cats should be someone on the D line or the LB corps. Don't really care which one. . . but stuff their running game and make Bishop's day miserable.


I'm going with McDaniel and Stala again on Offence. Just because they need to pay more attention to them doesn't mean they give Bruce the chance to beat them. You stick with blanketing Bruce and make an unproven player like McDaniel do it again. It might burn them but you don't let the guy you know can kill you do it.

On Defence it has to be the D line. We need pressure, lots of it, and constant. If we can do that Bishop will look like what we remembered it T.O.

A little off topic but what exactly does Bruce play WR,SB, 5th receiver?

Isn't it Mcdaniel and Stala at SB James(Rodriguez) and Bauman(Grant) at WR? that would make Bruce the xtra man :? and not on the field as much as the others.





MOST IMPORTANT Both lines Up front will tell the tale, and i think we are fully capable of going into Manitoba and pushing these Deatbeat's around ...We could have a record breaking rushing Game ...

AB (Adarius Bowman), Lenny Walls and Odell Willis.

Speaking of Deadbeat’s

Is he reffing the game?

Just win...............................................

Now THAT'S well played.

This guy is the biggest Winnipeg HOMER in the CFL. It'd better not be him.