Ham vs Mont

How does someone who doesn't speak French watch this game? Even radio?

Nevermind, listening on CJAD. Al's give up a big run.

Here's the English radio from Hamilton


Thanks. I see the Al's special teams still suck. Gave up a PR TD and the lead.




Halftime score 23-10 Ticats, Al's give up 16 straight points after AC & the rest of the starters lead the team to 7-0 .
Josh Nicewander goes 8-23 for 99 yards with 2 ints, Porter already demoted to 3rd stringer, but he couldn't do worse than Nicewander, could he? The hunt continues for AC's replacement. maybe they should have opened their wallets for Adrian McPherson.
LeFevour had a good half, going 10/19 for 149 yards.

I'm kind of surprised at the score, considering Montreal is at home, playing many of their starters against a team that tied for last place last year and which left many of their starters at home. I know it's only preseason, but what will the fan support be like in Montreal when they start to struggle? Could be a long season in Montreal.

Will be interesting to see how Porter fares with Dominic Rhodes taking over a non existent running game.

Ouch. Not liking what I'm seeing from my Als tonight...

Sit down Neiswander, the grey beards will QB this team! Porter (after a slow start) makes the score respectful.

Yeah, Porter has shown he's a good backup quarterback, as he put the Al's back into it, but a replacement/starter he is not. There's no question he can run, but when he gets pressured, he makes bad choices.

...Looks like the Als. have a lot of work to do in all phases of the game....Calvillo better be the go to guy all year orrrr they could be in deep doo-doo....Who gets blitzed more in 2013 Buck or Anthony??? :wink: :lol: Just preseason but according to a lot of fans the writing is only on the wall for the Bombers :lol: :lol:

See normally, I’d say no, it’s just pre-season way to earlier to tell…but the camp fights, boozing, drugs and the fact Buck Pierce was getting wrecked last year and now this year and the Bombers shed their backup QBs, I feel bad for Winnipeg this coming season, because I don’t see them turning it around. What a bad way to open a new stadium.

They really gotta can Joe Mack.

Difference is Buck played a lot more in your preseason game and the offense was still ineffective. Even Porter managed to post a few majors at the end of the game. I didn't like what I saw tonight at all but the late surge was reassuring and hiccups are to be expected with an entirely new coaching staff, some of whom are new to the CFL...

....Ya see normally I wold say your full of you know what...but I'll let the regular season play take care of that..I actually feel bad for the homeless cats....maybe I'll reconsider :lol:

....Don't make me laugh....Buck played five downs all of them at the beginning of the game and was blitzed on every snap...He left laughing...the ALS. not so much :lol:

He played five downs and the offense did nothing.

Calvillo played one series and scored a TD.

Winnipeg posted 6 points in year two of Crowton's offense starting many regulars until the end of the game.

Montreal posted 26 points starting almost all backups (apart from the O-line) in year one of a brand-new offense.

Not even close, papa, try again. :wink:

Are people really trying to compare how teams did in what amounts to approximately one quarter of play in a preseason game?

This forum has officially run out of things to talk about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mark my words, come week 5, there won't be anymore "Chris who?" comments. Hamilton will be begging for him back.

It is a short Pre Season and Neiswander did not do himself any favors. I would expect to see Porter move up to #2 for the next Pre Season game

If you are fine with the offensive (literally) performance yesterday, then maybe it won't be a long season for Montreal fans. The majority of the yardage came in garbage time on a couple hail Mary's. The first TD another long one that caught the Cats napping on the first play and was aided by penalties. Not a game to hang your hat on.

Agreed absolutely. Neiswander didn't impress at all and Porter should by rights have locked down the no. 2 spot with a gutsy performance.