Ham vs BC Predictions

Predict the Score!

Will this be Dane Evans’ breakout game?

It should be his best outing so far given the competition on the other side of the ball.

With some key playmakers returning to the lineup, I’m feeling a dominant win is in store for the black and gold.

HAM - 34

BC - 14

We’re a 10.5 favourite. That’s a lot of points.

Cats win but don’t cover

if banks plays at 95+%, then he covers the spread by himself.

I just don’t think BC is that bad. Hope I’m wrong.

Last week, we thought the Riders were bad, someone even pointed out how they had only beaten the cellar dwellers.

Well now we face a pride of wounded lions…that have upgraded their players and been watching film on us for two weeks. Rielly is due to have a breakout game, like Bethal Thompson had last week.

Positives for us, we have 9 days between games and we are at home, speedy is back.

If Condell’s offence shows up and Orlondo is not asleep at the wheel when to call time out; we should win 25 -17.

BC is desperate at 1 and 6 and we have a weak qb in Evans.
Simoni returning is a huge plus.
Cam Marshall starting at RB will be a huge plus for us as will playing at home. If Banks plays then I give the edge to the Ticats…like 30 - 24

if J’Gared Davis and Breaux can’t play then that might give the edge to the Lions.

here is how the lions will be playing ball this week


It has been proven that in the CFL, any team, any given day can win a ball game. With Reilly
at QB, it ups the stakes. I’m betting on the Cats though.I will be happy with a 1 point win.

How long can teams keep Mike Reilly under wraps? I mean, after all, he is Mike Reilly. I’m thinking for one more week, and Hamilton prevails 28 - 24. Fly in the ointment might be the Lions know Washington’s defences better than the Cats know the Jackson/Reilly offence.

As an aside, our local radio station is plugging tonight’s Winnipeg - Calgary match as “the CFL’s two leading teams at 5 - 2? match-up. Guess our record, our maybe the Eastern Division, doesn’t make the cut? I suppose the fact that they plug it at all is good news.

Don’t understand your over-the-top judgemental attack Top-Cat. I would maybe describe Evans as “inexperienced?, rather than “weak?, and am not familiar with Marshall, so cannot judge his potential contribution, but the rest of GentleBen’s comments seem quite plausible.

  1. HAM loses: “Season is over”. “Why cant we be like Calgary” Fans scour coaching and personnel decisions back to Austin era. Uptick in Glenn, Ray, Durant, Bridge, Pipkin, Adams stuff

  2. HAM wins by low score. “We should still be worried” with a smattering of no. 1.

  3. HAM wins by a lot. Evans gets some love but “It’s only BC”.

Sad but true 'Dork. Other than a few of the posters on this forum, I find the majority to be the “sky is falling” type of fan and I’m usually left shaking my head at some of the things they post.

Let’s lay off the personal attacks please and thank you.

This pretty much describes every game thread. ;D

Since 1999 they’ve been right.

Well stated.

Wining or losing a game often comes down to a few plays in the game.

Why is it, the rest of the game should not be assesses accurately - i.e. exactly the same whether we win or lose.

For some posters, if we win, the rest of us are not permitted to areas that need improvement.

If we lose, we should be allowed to point out some of the positives of that game.

The individual plays or the play of a single player should be assessed the same way whether we win or lose. Only on merit.

Tigers 29
Lions 18

We Cats - 24

Them Cats - 18

Tight wire to wire

19 years, 8 months, 12 days… ahhh the 90s.