Ham Tor Pre-season #2 PBP Thread

Watching this game streaming through our Apple TV. Looking for our starting Offence to start strong, and our Defence to lock down the blew team.

Roster cut-downs are this weekend, so it will be the last chance for players to shine.

Joe Montford out for the first Oskee-We-We with PPIV! :rockin:

Happy to see the thread up here. Agree with the a above comments. Posting on my phone because of course my computer is tuned in to the game. I'll see how it works out.

i need to give props to Pigskin Pete. No easy task following a local legend PP III.
He does an absolutely amazing job!!!!!!!!
I was a massive fan of PP III growing up and was a little apprehensive of anyone replacing him but he is great!

Now back to the game :rockin:

I personally find the new PP a bit over the top. The previous PP could always get a good crowd reaction, and without acting like he was out of his mind, like the new one.

I can't seem to find the game on all access. I haven't done this in a while how do I access the game. I log in to all access and see no link to live feed

I found the link on the website splash page.

Speedy B with a great return!

Not a bad return by Speedy B. Like to see this drive survive

Any thought on why I can't see anything?

I keep getting an error saying "video error". I'm just going with the radio only here:


The video stream camera work makes it unwatchable, even when it does work IMO.

First time seeing the "Ref Cam". It offers a pretty good view of what the blind zebras "see"...

Really like this addition.

The blew team give up a Safety after a Tracy sack.

2-0 for the good guys...

Finally some points courtesy of the defense. Had hoped to see the offense a bit more in sync but maybe they're getting there . Tasker is money. Tyms was a bit disappointing earlier. RT is not holding up too well at times.

Just made it home for the second quarter. Looks like the Collaros-Tasker combo is working well.

That's too bad. Mines working well but the audio sometimes is slow coming back after the breaks. Stadium announcer mostly fills in.

Video is fine for me, but I am having problems with the audio cutting out occasionally. Also, when the announcers are talking, the volume drops. Made the mistake early of turning up the volume, and then got blasted when they switched to the stadium announcer.

But much, much better than not seeing them play at all.

TD Tyms!!!!!

Anyone have any luck with the live stream.

Tyms is looking very good early on.

Don't like seeing Zack take those heavy hits especially in a preseason game... bailout Zach if its not there!