HAM/CGY gets my vote for game of the year

First off, I listened to the game on the radio off and on. And I listened closely at the end of the game and lost it when the Cats screwed up such an easy field goal. I went on my rant about how they "just find another way to lose!" and wanted nothing to do with the Tiger-Cats like usual it seems after a game. Then I watched the game...

As a football fan, that was one of the best games I've seen in a little while. Maybe there's something about watching the game being played in such weather conditions, it adds this extra dramatic feel to it... But we all know the drama surrounding that game regardless of weather conditions. Tiger-Cats fighting to get in the playoffs, and Henry Burris' return to Calgary were the big topics of the game. But all in all that was a hard fought game by both teams in less than ideal conditions. The end of the game had that playoff feeling to it and the final snap reminiscent of the 98th Grey Cup. As a football fan, you can't find a better conclusion to such a battle.

Now as a Tiger-Cat fan, that was the first game since the 2010 Eastern Semifinal that I really felt any kind of sympathy for the Cats after a loss (I would mention the 2011 Eastern Final but we had time to prepare for that loss half-way through the game). Watching that final snap put a totally different perspective of it in my mind. The panic as Fantuz pulled away the ball and tried to make something out of nothing, Fantuz lying on the ground holding his head in probably what was shame/disappointment for an unlikely miscue at such a big moment, and Burris watching from afar as his old team celebrated with fireworks on the field. I just want to say, CHEERS to the Tiger-Cats. This is not something I thought I'd say from the way this season is going, but you guys deserved this one so don't hang your head in shame any longer. That was a great game. Now the season is pretty much over and we will say goodbye to Ivor Wynne this Saturday, and some of us will head to Toronto for our last game of the year, then the Ticats will pack their bags for the road next year. This season has been the most frustrating and angering season we've had to endure even in this entire past decade, but I'm glad we got to see one game played this year with some real heart and intensity, like a true Tiger-Cat team.


I thought it was another disaster.

8 points off of 7 turnovers?

14 penalties, several of which that resulted in extended scoring drives when the Stamps should have been punting?

Coaching mistake, not attemtping FG on 2nd down in such bad weather condiditions

Way too many dumb mistakes for my liking.

Drew Edwards summed it up:

Bad penalties, costly turnovers, questionable coaching decisions and an inability to take advantage of golden opportunities where all major factors in the Ticats 11th loss of the Canadian Football League season. Even the defence, which generated seven turnovers, had a dreadful third quarter that put the team in a hole it could not quite climb out of.

Yes they should have won the game and it's on the field goal hold...short and simple.It's even worse that this sad year will be remembered next year when they are who-knows-where playing on the road all year...just worried about the fan support with understanding.

My vote would go to Calgary's big 4th quarter comeback against Saskatchewan in week 4. That was one of the best games I've ever seen in any sport.

edit: I suppose you could have meant the most exciting HAMILTON game of the year....then yes, I probably agree with you.

Couldn't have said it better myself. :thup:

By DaveyP:
"but I'm glad we got to see one game played this year with some real heart and intensity, like a true Tiger-Cat team."

The heart is still beating, although just barely, and as long as there is a pulse, I'm not ready to give up.

Unless I was momentarily possessed by somebody far more poetic than myself, I'm pretty certain that it was somebody else who said that.

Even if we don't make the playoffs though, the minute the season ends, the next one begins especially in the front office where they will be looking at all aspects of personell for next year.

right on captainkirk....in 40 years of having season tickets this is worst team and coaching i've witnessed...even the 1 an 17 season and 3 and 15 were more entertaining......i still worry with a smaller stadium and increase price in tickets, if the ticats will survive here in a couple of years...

Seven turn overs should have automatically given Hamilton the win, especially when you consider turning over the ball three times normally dooms your team. But on the other hand, the field was lousy making plays hard to execute...but still we should have won easily.

Sorry DaveyP, my mistake, I meant to quote from the post by Allen T.

The weather reminded me of the 1996 GC game at IWS: gently falling snow, not too cold.

I don't think it was the game of the year because of so many supid mistakes :

1 . Giguere having the ball bounce off his chest into the air and him behind bewildered only to have a dba catch the ball and take it like 90 yards back for a touchdown
2. Greg Peach getting a dumb roughuing the passer penalty on a interception
3. bkari grant going for extra yards with the ball not held securely when he already had a first down and we were in great position to win the game
4. Burris horrible pass to stala on the 2 point conversion
5. the unlucky hold of fantuz
6 Rey Williams constantly getting tricked
7 Murillo pass interfeence in the endzone
8 unnecessary roughing play on knowlton
9 facemask on db chris RW #32 db
10 poor kick return coverage

A few good things :

decent play by burris
good hard running by coburne
Murillo AND WEBB interception
great on side kick by congi and great catch by onrea jones
good kick returns by congi

Lithium is a helluva drug.

I guess I didn't make myself clear that this was game of the year from a CFL fan perspective. My point being that the cats played part in an exciting game which they DID deserve the win and the entertainment level of that game eases the pain of this season.

Again, I respectfully disagree.

From this fan's perspective it was frustrating, yet again (to the point of infuriating), to watch stupid mistake, after stupid mistake, after stupid mistake, ad nauseum as if they are actually trying to give the game away.

I hated watching that horridly atrocious display from my all too familiar 2012 tabbies. I don't think they deserved to win that game at all.

Hey I don't disagree... maybe I was just in a good mood or something when I was watching the game. Every other week I've tried to avoid the boards and when I did come on here it was to sound off. I can definitely identify with your perspective, and after yesterdays news of Campbell and Davis being cut (revolving door with the "Better Is Better" sign continues to turn) I am back to being furious with this disgusting team. Nevertheless I still really did enjoy that game. Probably because I've been desensitized after this season...

Conflicting thoughts, I know lol.


It's why I do...


Game of the year?Kind of a dumb comment don't you think?I agree with Captain Kirk,8 tunovers and 7 points and a chip shot field goal duffed=worse game of the year. :lol:

Nope, we lost.

No, I don't think it's a dumb comment. I disagree with it. I see it differently. Dumb? No.