Ham at Win Predictions

Predict the Score!

I would love to see us lay a beat down on Winnipeg this week.

I predicted before Labour Day that Winnipeg would fall to 3rd in the West by the end of the season.

Should be a close game but I think we put together a more complete game this week and do a good job of shutting down their pass game making them one dimensional on Offense

Ham - 26

Win - 17

My prediction is definitely more biased than usual, reflecting my deeply seated contempt for Winnipeg

TiCats win a close one

21 -18

Depth Chart out -

No Tasker or Breaux :frowning:

Irons and Sutton in :slight_smile:

Daly starts at Safety

I doubt Condell will let Sutton pound the ground like a traditional RB. I still expect to see Addison and Banks in the backfield every few plays.

Coombs shifts to receiver (backup). You'd think he would be a natural to take more of the running/gadget plays that have been going to Banks and Addison.

I believe Sutton can only play if another INT player comes off - presumably a receiver like Tucker. Which means Coombs is on the field every time Sutton is.

Winnipeg will want to make some defensive adjustments after that fiasco last week in Montreal. I expect them to come out aggressively after Dane. If our defence can keep the Streveler/Harris run game in check then we win a close low scoring game.

Tiger-Cats 19
Bombers 17

The Bombers have DE Jackson Jeffcoat back, after 6 games on the injured list. He was bringing a lot of heat on opposing QBs early in the season.

So far this running backs committee hasn't really hurt us. If after 18 games we add up all the yards of everybody that received a handoff this year and it totals over a 1000 yards, then I think we had a decent ground game.

Winnipeg gives up a league low 67 yards per game rushing. Probably not the best team to try and pound the ground against. Sutton will add to the pass block and hopefully keep Evans on his feet. Maybe we'll get some rush yards from our untraditional run plays. If Evans can stay on his feet we should be able to exploit their DBs.
Close game.
Ham 27
Peg 24

I'm thinking yer wrong on this E-Pat . I'm counting 8 Cdn starters listed on the chart , so one over the minimum of seven required . Which means that Sutton can be substituted freely in and out without any effect on the ratio . The chart is also listing Coombs as an import for whatever reason instead of a Canadian . The reserve will most likely be barring any unforeseen circumstances in pregame warm-ups once again OT - Kevin Palmer .

Canadian starters listed on Depth chart :


S..........Mike Daly
T...........Ted Laurent


T..........Chris Vanzeyl
G.........Brandon Revenberg
G.........Darius Ciraco
C.........Mike Filer
RB.......Maleek Irons
WR......Mike Jones

Thanks Bobo. I stand corrected. For some reason I didn't count Irons among the NAT starters.

Based on previous weeks, the backup RB gets most of the reps. Perhaps Sutton will have a busy debut, picking up where C.Marshall left off with more traditional (up the middle) running plays.

Bombers are a 4 pt favourite.

Cats cover the 4.

Wpg wins a close one, panic ensues on Ticats forum.

WPG 24-21

Bombers blew big lead last week and will be pissed. Cats blew a lead but came back to win. We will have a let down; we have not been blown out all year. When’s last season we did not get blown out??
Plus O’Shea will want some revenge from the last game.

Bombers - 30

Cats - 23

(Based on the cats play this year, this is considered a blowout - hope I am wrong and we win)

Without Predjudice

Tiger Cats 31

The Peg 25

That's my take on it too. Larks exploited their secondary in that comeback last week and we certainly have players with the wheels to do that too (Addison, Banks) Of course Adams Jr is more of a scrambler than Evans but there have been some recent games when Dane looked quite "Masoli-like" with his scrambling out of the pocket to make plays.

Looking for a nice birthday present (win) from the Ticats tomorrow night! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday!

Cats play smart and we control their run game we win this game.

Another close run affair. Killer picks by Streveler and a Harris fumble seals the deal.

Happy Birthday! They gave me a win as a present last week, lets hope they give one to you this week!

Hoping everybody comes home healthy. ::slight_smile:

Ham- 27

Winterpig- 17

After tomorrow's game one of these teams will be high on the hog. ;D

Good eye, Krisiun!