Ham at Mtl Predictions

Predict the Score!

Hopefully we can get into Vernon Adams Jr’s head this week with some big turnovers and another stifling performance by our D.

I think we win by at least 2 TD’s if we win the turnover battle.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing how these two teams match up, even if it is a “meaningless” game.
It will be equally interesting to see how well Edmonton plays these last 2 weeks vs Sask with Harris back on the field.

Ham - 27

Mtl - 17

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a barn burner in this one given Montreal’s propensity for dramatic finishes.
I’m not really sure what to expect with this game.

More than anything we need to come away healthy!!!

We win in a close one, on a last minute Luke Tasker touchdown

24 - 21

I predict Khari Jones will not be dancing around joyously on the sidelines late in the 4th quarter.


Cats could probably use a good kicking in the butt as a preparatory for the playoffs, but, won’t happen this week.

First Placers - 29

Secondettes - 19

Hello 14 wins!

A laundry list of things to worry about regardless of outcome.

Montreal 24
Ticats - 13

Panic on the board ensues.

I predict Tasker will return vs Montreal.

Prediction: “Possible East Division Final Preview” will be said 1000x.

I predicted that you would predict that, and now I’m predicting that you are 100% correct.8)

Key for me is bottling Standback and forcing Adams into second and long. He seems prone to turnovers under pressure, so Cats need a big defensive effort. If we stay with our starters I’m thinking 28-14, if we rotate the subs, maybe a 28-25 squeaker.

Another pre-season equivalent. However if Montreal goes full bore with their starters…so should we.

OK but a loss is not the worst that could happen, an injury to one of our key players is.

Perhaps reverse psychology may work here. You let the Als walk away full of faux over-confidence, and then you destroy them at home in the EF with extreme fan noise, and with the our players “looking for revenge”. It’s not easy playing in Montreal because their fans sit much closer to the field level (like our former stadium), and they can be excessively loud (as is their annoying announcer).

Absolutely, we need to go full bore to start. Let’s get the W, sizeable lead at halftime would be ideal and then start shutting down key starters.

We have been winning consistently, why disrupt the rhythm by playing soft. Evans can still get better. Montreal is playing with confidence - a false sense after the loss. ;D

Extreme fan noise?

I had the older guy next to me threaten to grab and throw my cowbell over the railing while his 20 something son told me you only made noise when our team scored.

For the record, I consider the cowbell a precision instrument to be used at the correct time on defense.

Keeping ringing that bell!

X2 (Mark, except if your sitting close to me!)

NIMSA = Not In My Seat Area

In defense of some old guys: I’m in my 70s and take my cowbell to each game. Can’t yell for an entire game because my voice gives out and I do the old guy croak for two days. Ring my bell for player intros, for good offensive plays, for the occasional first down, for scoring by the Cats, and for the defence when they are in our half of the field. I even lend it to any youngsters sitting near us who want to give it a go.

If people around us are bothered by the bell, we do hold back, as a courtesy. No one has ever threatened to grab or throw it. Personally, I’d rather have a cowbell ringing than some foul mouth curse his way through the game.

It’s very likely that we’ll be resting Muamba, Stanback, and Campbell (boundary corner) for the game. Pipkin and/or Shiltz might also see playing time. So this game IMO will be a predictor of absolutely nothing. I really don’t care whether my Als win or lose, as long as we play hard and nobody gets seriously hurt.