HAM at MTL 2022 Play-By-Play Thread

An attempt at the end zone might have run the clock out?

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The clock was running after the catch, I think. Would have to use a time out?

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I think that'd be enough time for a play and a kick.

I’m no expert….I’d just like to understand why you’re so happy being antagonistic.

Ya, use the time out, throw a pass to back of end zone so if it isn't caught, it goes out of play and clock stops. Then kick.

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Dane at the half

14 of 16 - 163 yrds


HARRIS, Trevor - 9/14 64.3% 91yds
EVANS, Dane 14/16 87.5% 163 yds

First half, big smile.


I agree.

The previous two passing plays ran 25 and 16 seconds off the clock. Perhaps using a timeout could have allowed it, but it would have been close.


The use of a time-out also limits the chances for a Challenge. Besides, you can use 2 in a single half.


This kid Small has been golden for us this year . Only 3 misses all season . It's a shame we didn't find him last season when our kicking cost us some games all by itself .


Fair enough - one good game is not a trend but so far this game is showing some continuation of last week. Not as dominant but still staying in control most of the time. The other guys get paid to make plays too.

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To think Orlondo cut him in Training Camp. Only cost us a few games, but whatever, at least we have a team!


The Ticats did a great job putting extra blockers on the line in the first half. Lots of solid blocking from our slot receivers and FB. Consequently, the strong Montreal rush wasn’t a factor.

They should keep feeding Hills the rock. He’s the big back this team has needed for years.

Our Canadian receivers are making plays. Ternowski and Ungerer were both difference makers in quarters 1 and 2. Maybe rook and fellow Canadian Smith breaks out in the second half?


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Nice, brief interview with Wes at the half. He’s a cool dude! Ya’ feel me ?

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Asked about getting the ball on his first TD, Wes Holls replied "The only thing I care about is wining this game!"

I LIKE this guy.


Kinda highlights the lack of proper talent evaluation skills AGAIN from the "braintrust"...

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The O-line drive blocking HAS definitely improved ( mostly through replacement due to injury) and Hills is a big guy who can get to the 2nd level. This is the type of old school Offence I like to see...Run on 1st down and open up the playbook on 2nd down and control the clock...

Looking at Ternowski, he looks big. Not just tall, but thick. But the roster lists him at 6'0", 185 lbs. Is it just in comparison to our other receivers?

It would be nice to see Smith get involved. The guy's got good hands, and is a fighter once he gets the ball.