Ham at Edm Predictions

Predict the score!

I took a break(until today) from this forum since the loss to Calgary. Such a waste to lose a very winnable game with miscue after miscue in the second half but I’m finally over it and ready for a big win on the road against Edmonton.


they’re becoming an issue, this can’t continue if they want to win the Grey Cup.

Ham - 28

Edm - 17

We will win by 20+ if we can play mistake free.

If we lose this one…the sky will be falling fast on this forum

We are a -2.5 favourite.

I’ll take us to cover that easily if Harris doesn’t play. Cover it slightly if he does.

Either way we win the game.

EDM defense is formidable.

With Kilgore they’d be on the field all night and we wear them down… maybe even light them up.

Harris? If he’s back to normal we win a close scoring slobber knocker.

HAM is a flat out better team. A loss would be self inflicted.

As earlier mentioned, the turnovers are a huge problem, but are hidden as the team is winning or almost winning(per last week).
Dane himself averages 2 turnovers on a weekly basis; not sure if coaches haven’t noticed; or were unable to make changes to mitigate such behaviour.

Both teams are coming off losses to the stamps; Esks are well rested.

Cats will get a ST TD.

Cats win 26-23.

Ticats win BIG!!!

34 - 18 8)

Coaches not noticing turnovers.
Look, No one is forcing you to like Evans or to cheerlead everything but do you really have to pull things out of your arse like this just to show everybody you’re a sceptic?

Edmonton at home after a 4 game losing streak. I think it may be a tough one.

Always tough in Alberta .

Close game , we can win .

Cats win this game if they stay away from dumb penalties and don’t beat themselves with turnovers.

Sadly, dumb penalties and turnovers are seemingly the story of 2019. Still, after going toe to toe with Calgary, I think we can pull out a win. Cats by a TD, 28 - 21.

Isn’t Edm the most penalized team in the league?

Let them do their thing. As long as we limit the turnovers, we win this one.

Even if Harris plays, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to be 100%. Our defense should be able to keep Edmonton in check. Like everyone else has said, if we limit turnovers we should be able to win this game. I don’t think we’ll be able to score enough points to really blow it open though.

Hamilton - 24
Edmonton -14

Harris isn’t playing Friday . Kilgore will be the starter . The Cat defence should be able to confuse the QB and concentrate on stopping the Esk running game .

Cats 28 Esks 12

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

Still no Tasker in the lineup and Sutton still not ready?
Depth chart is up



Harris shows up and Cats are exposed for the eastern team that they are. Edmonton 28. Hamilton 18.m

Harris on the 1 game Kilgore gets the start.

LOL, those lowly eastern teams

I have noticed from various fans in a variety of places the idea that the Ticats are somehow not as good as their record shows due to playing in the East.

However, EVERY team in the league plays western opponents 10 times and eastern opponents 8 times.
Also its convenient that no one ever mentions the clear advantage of the west having 5 teams vs 4 in the east.

The crossover rules favor the larger west division.

The east has definitely been weaker than the west for a long stretch, but despite this no western team has ever qualified for the championship round via the eastern playoff bracket.

The Ticats wont get any respect until they win the cup. I suppose that’s the way it should be.

If Edmonton were to get to the Grey Cup via the east this year, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I’m very much looking forward to an Atlanic team joining the league and evening up the divisions as well as neutralize the crossover advantage the west currently enjoys. At that point every team will play every other team 2 times each.

In fact, teams will play against the opposing division 10 times while only playing within their own division 8 times.

Hamilton 33
Edmonton 16

Any prediction for us?

With Harris out…

Hamilton 26
Edmonton 10